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Small Space Inspiration: Transforming A Home Into An Airy Paradise

Let's face it. Not everyone has big indoor space in their homes. Some of you might have smaller rooms and have to decorate accordingly. You might be wondering though. Can a small space change to an airy paradise? That was the result for one couple's bedroom apartment in New York...

Tracey Tilley’s Detroit Home

Tracey Tilley's Detroit Home

More than a decade's investment in time, a small sum of money, and DIY ingenuity serve as the foundation of Tracey Tilley's Detroit home. Born out of patience and creativity, the once ramshackle fixer-upper has transformed into a lovely place filled with many good things that comprise her unique collections....

Eclectic Parisian Apartment

Eclectic Parisian Apartment

Some of the most notable things about the city or Paris would be its wonderful architecture, fashion, food, and of course, how Parisians beautify their home. You can say that it's always a combination of the old and new, traditional design, blending with contemporary, and always very voguish and stylish--...