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10 Ways To Personalize Your Small Bedroom

If you have a big bedroom this might not be the post for you. Instead it is for those of us that love small comfortable spaces. Here are 10 ways to personalize your small bedroom and turn it into the room of your dreams. Check the easy steps below and...

11 Ways to Make a Lovely Bedroom

The bedroom is a sanctuary where you return after a hard day’s work for some much-needed peace of quiet. It’s also where you spend your lazy weekend mornings, all nestled up in your bedsheets. Your bedroom should reflect your personality and be cozy and comfortable enough to feel like a dreamy retreat. Luckily, with...

The 26 Best Bedroom Wall Colors

If you're in need of some ideas when choosing bedroom wall colors, there are hundreds from which you can choose. In this piece, we'll offer 26 bedroom wall colors to consider, to help spark life, add pop, or simply give your bedroom a new aura and appearance, since the last...

How To Create A Dream Bedroom On A Budget

bedroom on a budget

Designing a bedroom is easy to accomplish even within budget. Mostly the amount you have plays a significant role in making your bedroom attractive and appealing depending on the design elements you purchase. However,with interior bedroom ideas some improvements in design can be achieved through imagination and innovation. (more…)

40 Gray Bedroom Ideas

gray and pink bedroom with copper lights

Gray bedrooms can be dramatic and still be subtle, making them cozy and comfortable without being boring or two dimensional. Gray indeed has many shades. You can use different combinations to achieve something really spectacular. Here are some quick tips and gray bedroom ideas to make a hit! (more…)