When the 1890’s Meets the Modern Era

When you look at the inside of that home, would you believe me if I told you it was over a hundred years old? It’s true. That home has been around since the 1890s! But since it got renovated by A. Dennison Interiors, it looks like a completely new home.

Photography: ©Jessica Glynn

Modern urban house

The color scheme follows a popular trend you see today with a white, black, and grey color combination. The flooring still consists of hardwood but has been changed to a lighter color. Not only does this work well with the color scheme, but it also makes the home feel more inviting.

Then you have the kitchen. The wooden countertop is a great change of style to the house. The walls are made of white subway tiles which look really nice combined with the black wooden cabinets.

Here some moments when 1890’s meets modern era

Brooklyn Townhouse with plants
Brooklyn Townhouse living room
Brooklyn Townhouse kitchen
Brooklyn Townhouse with a beautiful piano
Brooklyn Townhouse with a modern library
Total white Brooklyn Townhouse Dream Designer Home
Brooklyn Townhouse Bedroom
Brooklyn Townhouse Dream Designer bedroom
Beautiful reading nook
Brooklyn Townhouse bathroom
Brooklyn Townhouse Dream Designer bathroom
Brooklyn Townhouse Dream Designer babe room
Brooklyn Townhouse Dream Designer Home with amazing art
Bathroom with a square mirror
Brooklyn Townhouse front door

In the first bathroom, the countertops are made of marble and the bathtub’s exterior was actually custom painted. With the second bathroom, however, it breaks away from the color scheme and consists of blue painted walls with a tile floor. This makes for a nice change of pace from the rest of the house.

What is great thing about the house is that you can still see the original bricks. In a way, this makes you feel like you are looking at history. Again, this house is over a hundred years old! Think about all of the history that brick wall has been apart of.

And since the house is from the 1890s there’s a fireplace installed. It’s located in the living room right under the television. This can make for an enjoyable experience on a cold night as you can start up a fire and relax with some television.

You wouldn’t think this house is over a hundred years old but it is! But despite its age, it has a new look to it thanks to the redesign. It goes to show that you can make any house look good if enough effort is put in.

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