Modern Eclectic Interior Design Ideas

Modern eclectic interior is the signature look of interior designer Julie Hillman. A graduate of Parsons school of design in New York, Julie spent 10 years as a fashion designer before moving over to interior design. She launched her company, Julie Hillman design, in 2000 to great demand from clients eager for Julie’s talent for creating unique and individual interiors. Below you can take a look at one of her works, with eclectic elements and special design. It’s a great source of inspiration for anone who is looking for this style to implement.

Image: © Jean-François Jaussaud / ELLE decoration

An idea of modern eclectic interior style

Check out a mixture of collected antique and modern masterworks, balanced with sumptuous fabrics and comfortable furnishings. And always tailored to each client’s individual needs. This is the foundation of julie’s approach to design. French decorative arts and architecture of the 1940s and 1950s greatly influences her design sensibility. She appreciates modern interpretations of classic furnishings and clean iconic lines. One of her strongest design elements is placing contrasting pieces within the same environment in order to create a unique aesthetic in home interiors.

Eclecti interior is definitely something that is not destined for all the homeowners. The thing is, it includes the combination of textures and juxtaposing furniture of different style. This isn’t th easiest thing to do. Because you can easily break the monotony but you can equally destroy any harmony in your home interior. That is why you we advise you to consider consulting an expert before you try something like that. And if the professional creates something of similar pattern such as in this case, you are good to go. So, pay close attention to the details in the above photos and get ideas for eclectic modern interior that will bring your home a refreshing tone.

Ultimately, would you say that that you like this kind of style for your home interior? Let us know in the comments below!

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