Small Space Inspiration: Transforming A Home Into An Airy Paradise

Let’s face it. Not everyone has big indoor space in their homes. Some of you might have smaller rooms and have to decorate accordingly. You might be wondering though. Can a small space change to an airy paradise? That was the result for one couple’s bedroom apartment in New York City. See some extraordinary small space inspiration for your own home here!

All about small space inspiration

Located in the East Village, you would never know that this apartment was previously owned by an older tenant with a completely different sense of home interior style. It’s easy to look at the after and admire the results. But seeing the photos of what the space looked like before really drives this makeover home.

pink and white small space furniture

First, the living room. This sitting area was full and definitely carried its own sense of style. There were a lot of pieces in this small room, which made it appear smaller than it already was. Vivid shades of pink on the curtains and the sofa go with off-white or cream colors. A gilded mirror with a bronze frame and a large black display case housing crystal pieces created an air that was part vintage, part dollhouse. Also, the sofa was encased in a sheet of clear plastic.

Viewing the after photo is like looking at a different room. In the new version, the drywall belongs to the past. This allows for a beautiful rustic reveal of the brick that exists underneath. It is painted off-white to create a new and contemporary feel. Reclaimed wood trims the windows now, adding some much-needed contrast. Kitchen counter marble was reused to create marble sills.

The furniture no longer overwhelms the room but is a wonderful addition to the space. A wooden coffee table, corner table for a large green plant, modest blue sofa, a tasteful gilded mirror, framed painting, and shelving space enough to hold books and more create a modern sitting room that anyone can enjoy. Brass and copper accents complete this look.

Gallery of a small space transformation

Likewise, the previous kitchen has completely changed as to be almost unrecognizable. With the dividing wall removed, reclaimed antique oak paneling makes this kitchen unique. Smooth brick walls and black and white tiling updates this kitchen. In the meanwhile small additions such as a pot rack over the stove and the bar’s hanging pendant lamp make this space look clean and full of light. Open shelving allows for the feeling of more space, replacing older overhead cabinets.

The entryway was also revamped. The previous owner lined the walls with large paintings and photos, creating an atmosphere that was almost museum-like. Retro art from the flea market and a tastefully done side table with a few accents now make this space feel fresher. And more up-to-date.

The bedroom before made for tight living quarters. It had a bed too large for the room and retro cream and pink design. Changing the bed’s alignment and making over the space’s color scheme allowed the space to free up. With a mostly-white theme and a small chandelier, this bedroom has gone from the eighties to an airy, relaxing modern-day place of tranquility in the blink of an eye.

Images: Emily Johnston / Lonny

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