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Luxury Chalet In Courchevel

See this luxury chalet in Courchevel designed by Louise Jones Interiors. Every room should be elegant, comfortable, welcoming and practical. Each space needs to be delightful in it’s own unique way. To achieve this, one has to be versatile and slightly unconventional in one’s approach.... (more…)

Rustic Made Chique

New rustic house designed by Sergiy Makhno. This is what I call a chique rustic house! Let's dive right in and see some of its elements and details. When you enter through its main door, you've already been impressed by its unique approach to design and fabulous exteriors. The garden...

That’s What Rustic Elegance Is All About

rustic elegant decorating idea 2

Architecture is process and product, the creative manipulation of materials, technology and light. More than designing space, Norris Architecture creates environments that utilize the principles of design: utility, durability and beauty to produce fluid environments that reflect the unique character of each client. “Architecture is a language; great architecture is...