Best Selling Italian Bathroom Washbasins

Best Selling Italian Bathroom Washbasins

The world's thinnest ceramic, just 5mm thick. Ultra-slim edges that enhance design and practicality. Brand New Novelty from Ceramica Cielo. The perfect combination of space, comfort and versatility. The functionality and natural soft shapes find a new interpretation. The harmonious lines of washbasins and sanitary wares reach an additional dimension...

How To Create a Modern Bathroom

modern bathroom design idea

  When you create a new bathroom or renovate the existing one, it's a big budget. At least more than just decoration overall. In such a project the problems are diverse. Everyone wants their new bathroom to be adapted to our daily lives. We would also like it to be...

Terrazzo Trend Is IT For 2019

bathroom Terrazzo Trend

Originating in Italy over 500 years ago, Terrazzo has made a major comeback and is now one of our hottest trends. This terrazzo porcelain tile perfectly replicates marble chippings set into cement and then finished to a smooth matt finish. Containing fragments of grey, bone and warm taupe colours, this...

10 Reasons to Wallpaper Your Bathroom

black and white wallpaper bathroom design idea

A bathroom is a high-use room. It is used multiple times in a day by all family members. A bathroom needs to be clean, functional but well decorated to match with your lifestyle. They're the perfect place to start experiencing wallpapers. Here are 10 reasons to wallpaper your bathroom. (more…)

12 Awesome Marble in Shower Design Ideas

marble in shower design idea

If one wants to design a marble shower, has many choices available today. For example, cultured strips are amazing for decorating a bath. Have you ever seen a bathroom with cultured marbles design? It looks beautiful and sophisticated. Technically, it is a human-made stone belonging to cast polymers family. These...

Corian Basin Purity

Dorian Basin purity

With innovative designs and an enduring color palette, Corian® will make all of your design aspirations come true. Achieve your dreams while still selecting a quality product that will stand up to whatever your life may throw at it. You can rest easy knowing you’ve picked a surface to last...

Unique Concrete Basins

Concrete is a unique material that combines the organic characteristics of natural stone with the ability to be cast into any shape. Using tints and precision blends of admixtures it can be manufactured with a vast spectrum of finishes. With striking and sophisticated forms, the Kast series of concrete hand-wash...