Brooklyn Decker’s Eclectic Happy Texas Home

Brooklyn Decker's Eclectic Happy Texas Home

Mom and actress, design aficionado and art enthusiast, Brooklyn Decker ventures in redesigning her family’s 5-bed 5-and-a-half bath Texas home. Passion for interior designing and pilgrimage to various sites has let her come up with a unique charming setting.

The wooden 2-door entry incorporated in a brick wall opens up to a medley of natural wood, stone, and light-filled ambiance. Imbued with the eclectic style, the house holds objects anywhere between traditional to modern with contrasting yet complementing appearances, and bought at different times each with their own history and beauty.

A pleasant sight shines through upon entering the kitchen with marble countertops that Decker particularly chose for its strong resemblance to cookies ‘n’ cream. The stone blended quite well into a cool blue theme and the wooden pieces set on matching flooring. With everything put in order on hanging shelves and cabinetry, important elements stand out in a clean and uncluttered home that spells out luxury.
Brooklyn-Decker's-Eclectic-Happy-Texas-2 Brooklyn-Decker's-Eclectic-Happy-Texas-3 Brooklyn Decker's Eclectic Happy Texas Home 2

The living room has a lofted ceiling with exposed beams connected to the classy towering limestone fireplace. The dark and light washed vintage denim blue couches with striped and patterned throws, and huge bouquet centerpiece bring life to the mostly brown hues of the leather table, hardwood floor and furniture. This part of the house can withstand roughhousing and revelry with antique craftsmanship mixed with industrial modernism and bespoke creations. Brooklyn Decker's Eclectic Happy Texas Home 3 Brooklyn Decker's Eclectic Happy Texas Home 4 Brooklyn Decker's Eclectic Happy Texas Home 5 Brooklyn Decker's Eclectic Happy Texas Home 6

While the living space is grounded with masculine things, margarita pink and orange rules in the dining room where a handmade piece by Decker’s brother served as the dining table. A classic black and white popcorn stand is set on a backdrop of gray flannel floor to ceiling drapes which elicit an ambiance of refined prestige. The curtains do more than the function of a window treatment, for it reveals the full-blown Southern lady in her which is attributed to a North Carolina heritage.

Brooklyn Decker's Eclectic Happy Texas Home 7 Brooklyn Decker's Eclectic Happy Texas Home 8

Centered in the bedroom is a mattress laden with plain-colored frilled sheets and pillows amidst a quilted black headboard. The lampshades match the sophisticated floor rug and white walls, where frames and varied unique decor are hung. At the foot of the bed is a luxurious sofa with storage drawers underneath.

Brooklyn Decker's Eclectic Happy Texas Home 9 Brooklyn Decker's Eclectic Happy Texas Home 10

Brooklyn’s taste is based from pure instinct. She’s got everything that makes her happy, with no rhyme nor reason to it. Her house is filled with artwork sourced from frequenting galleries during travel and contemporary creations found in social media. Altogether, the entire collection has created an eclectic home that looks perfect.

Images: Domaine, Photography: Casey Dunn

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