Eclectic High-End Style Interior Design Ideas

Lucinda Loya is a woman known for her innovation, impeccable style, tasteful designs, and great passion for the arts.

As principal of Lucinda Loya Interiors, she has built a name for herself from the ground-up.  The internationally-published, award-winning firm is led by her inspired vision and originality. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, it has become one of the most sought-after design firms due to her unique talent and exuberant attitude.  Lucinda has cultivated her ability to think “out of the box”– and this attitude is the foundation of her project development approach. By welcoming character through clever finishes, art, and antiques, she applies her own twist to a classic style to create rooms that take on personality.

With a flair of her own and a confidence to match, Lucinda has extraordinary taste when it comes to her craft, staying sensible yet enthusiastic when working with clients.  Always on the cutting edge, she can unite budget-conscious pieces with high-end art, creating a poetic symphony. Lucinda’s playful sense of humor benefits well in decorating as it adds charm and individuality to the composition, even in the smallest, most unexpected places. Her level of sophistication is second-to-none and her dazzle is invigorating.

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