Tracey Tilley’s Detroit Home

Tracey Tilley's Detroit Home

More than a decade’s investment in time, a small sum of money, and DIY ingenuity serve as the foundation of Tracey Tilley’s Detroit home. Born out of patience and creativity, the once ramshackle fixer-upper has transformed into a lovely place filled with many good things that comprise her unique collections.

At age 25, Tracey reached a milestone in life when she bought the house. The photographer and blogger recalls working furiously, not without headaches and mistakes, in her intent to make a home sweet home. Seeing the results today in a happy and calm space her family lives in, anyone can tell that it’s worth the wait!

Living Room

Tracey’s favorite room, cozy and bright with the couch against huge windows enhanced by white curtains. Centered on the white wall is a gallery of frames with each its own story, which makes a nice backdrop while you sit back and relax with a good novel. One who loves to read, Tracey has piles of books all over the house within easy reach from side tables and shelves.

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Surrounded in white, from walls to sheets and curtains, the bed looks quite fresh and clean. Beautiful decor gives life with colors and ornate designs, such as the lamps down to the dressers and sheets. An old ladder display rack beside the bedroom door is one of the most remarkable things, previously covered in paint splatters and now an invaluable piece carrying attractive blankets, rugs and textiles.
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Dining Room

Tracey says the dining table desperately needs some refinishing, and the accomplished DIY-er is yet to tackle this project. Even then, her cute macrame runner effectively covers it up, as well as the one-of-a-kind dining atmosphere. The suit of armor makes the distinction, standing amidst the nice drapes she hemmed herself, and everything else vintage. An antique vanity now serves the purpose of a sideboard with wine and a basket of things, where a rustic mirror and an original Lincoln photograph is hung right above.
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Breakfast Nook

The perfect spot, where Tracey spends the morning with a cup of coffee on hand and loves to pose with her chihuahua. Timeless photographs line the walls while books are stacked on the towering shelf. The white table paired with a clear chair rests on a round patterned rug. A large disco ball adds life and playfulness with sparkly lights!

Mirrors arrive in various shapes and sizes, in clever arrangements which match the overall fun theme prominent throughout the home. Baskets, whether as pots or storage, and a touch of elegant gold graces decor and accents in different rooms. The items in the house are mostly craigslist finds, picked out from thrift shops or garage sales, original artwork by close friends, and belongings passed down by family.

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