The Interior Design Trends 2022 Everything You Need To Know

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Interior design has always been a booming industry that changes with the times. In 2022, designers will be exploring new ideas and trends that will change how we live. Designers are always looking for inspiration from other cultures and places to create innovative designs with a twist of familiarity. Below are some 2022 Interior Design styles and ideas.

Image: Marzena Marideko

1. Curvy Furniture.

One of the most talked-about trends right now is curvy furniture. Interior designers are using it to update the look of their living rooms, dining room, and home office spaces. Curvy furniture evokes a sense of femininity and warmth.

The benefits of having curvy furniture include:

  • Creating an elegant look.
  • Making your space feel more casual and inviting.
  • Having an affordable price tag (especially if you go with wood).

Images: Reserve Home, Anna Karlin Studio, Lulu and Georgia

Image: Jonathan Adler


2. Multi-Functional Spaces.

A multi-functional space is an area that can be used for multiple purposes. Interior designers are working with this idea more and more to create something unique and original.

This is especially prevalent in small or compact living spaces that need maximum functionality while also being aesthetically pleasing.

Image: Tatiana Home Decor


3. Earth Colors.

Earth colors will be among the big interior design trends 2022. Interior designers will use natural colors that go well with the earth tones and give people an opportunity to feel relaxed and peaceful inside their homes or workplaces.

This trend will make people feel like they are outside while they are inside. This trend will remind people that nature still exists, and we need to take care of our surroundings by recycling materials.

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Charming Scandinavian Apartment Interior Decorated In Earth Tones

Image: Poster Store


4. 70’s Retro Style.

70’s Retro Style Interior design is trending. Interior designers use this style for many different types of projects, and it gives off a nice, warm feeling to any room or building where it’s used in. Prominent 70’s70’s Retro Style Interior Design Elements include:

  • Polka dot patterns.
  • Chevron patterns.
  • Stripes Wallpaper with florals.

5. Organic Materials.

The use of organic materials in home design trends 2022 is on the rise. Interior designers are looking to create spaces that feel natural and comfortable but with a modern twist. Rather than using traditional materials like wood or stone, organic elements are becoming more popular choices.

For example, some architects have begun using bamboo floors instead of carpeting, while others use clay tiles over concrete walls. This trend will continue into 2022 because it is versatile across different types of buildings, from commercial projects to residential homes. Using organic materials is a significant step in interior design because it allows buildings to be more sustainable.


6. Minimalism.

Minimalism is a design trend that is here to stay. Interior designers and homeowners will use this style as their main source of inspiration for years to come due to its simplicity, clean lines, and uncluttered aesthetic.

Interior designers are always looking for new ways to create spaces that have minimal impact on the environment while adding just enough unique elements, so they don’t feel too repetitive with other contemporary-styled homes.

Homes should be built considering those who live inside them instead of vice versa, which is what minimalism does. Minimalism is about creating spaces that help individuals feel comfortable, relaxed, and free to be themselves while also making sure the space is visually appealing at the same time.


7. Indoor plants are here to stay.

The forecast is that indoor plants are here to stay for the next few years. People will continue incorporating them into their home decorating schemes, especially when they want to add a touch of nature indoors. This is a very useful way to improve indoor air quality and give a person’s home or office a more organic and natural feel.

All sorts of plants can be used in this process, but some of the most popular are orchids, ferns, and bonsai trees. Interior designers will continue to recommend them because they can improve indoor air quality dramatically. It is also very affordable since you do not need much space to grow these plants.

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Image: KL


8. Mid-Century Curved Ceramic Sculptural Objects (Vases etc.)

Many Interior Designers and Interior Decorators have predicted the use of Mid – Century Curved Ceramic Sculptural Objects (Vases, etc.) as an Interior design trend in 2022.

Interior decorators say that the mid-century curved ceramic sculptural objects will be one of “the most beautiful Interior trends to decorate homes within 2022″ due to its high aesthetic value and elegance displayed by these objects when used as interior decorations for homes, hotels, or restaurants worldwide.

This trend is also being described as a global sensation among professional interior designers worldwide who have already started using this type of decoration method in interiors projects they develop daily.


9. Vintage European Art.

Interior designers are increasingly turning to the past for inspiration. The use of old-world pieces with a modern touch is gaining popularity, particularly among those who want their homes to feel timeless and classic rather than trendy or faddish.

Vintage European art is a trend that the Interior Design community has been seeing for quite some time. The style gives any space an instant dose of sophistication and charm since every piece is handpicked with care to ensure quality and uniqueness.

Image: Haneen’s Haven


10. Bold Artistic Murals in Bathrooms (make any painting into a fine art wall mural).

The use of bold artistic murals in bathrooms is a trend that has been around for quite some time, but it’s always been limited to certain areas. Interior designers usually found that bathroom walls were too small and ceilings too low to work with the same design themes as they would use on other wall spaces.

In recent years, we have seen the ceiling height increase while also seeing more open space made available by new layouts and designs – allowing interior designers much greater flexibility when planning their schemes.

With many people looking for a way to express themselves through art rather than choosing from one or two pre-designed material options such as tiles or wallpaper, the use of Bold Artistic Murals in Bathrooms will be applied in many bathrooms in 2022.

This trend allows homeowners to have a one-of-a-kind work of art in their own home without spending months or even years on its creation.

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Image: Elle Decor


The interior design trends of 2022 are likely to be very different than the ones we see today. Technology will play a larger role in people’s lives, creating new challenges for designers and builders alike.

The interior design trends will be influenced by advances in technology and current environmental concerns such as climate change and sustainability.

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