What Are Earthy Colors

While in previous seasons, we witnessed plenty of white and gray in the interior combined with only a few black accents and pronounced geometric motifs, the interiors have shown again in recent months their warm, comfortable, and above all-natural side.

What are earthy colors and tones

Warm colors include shades such as cream / ivory, brown, and other soft and natural tones. These colors create warmth in every room. The trend of such shades can strive to create an energetic and natural palette, especially because their neutrality keeps things relaxing at the same time. It is quite easy to combine different kinds of decor and elements in the room with earthy colors.

What are earthy colors in Feng Shui

When we try to arrange our home following the concept of feng shui in the desire to create a healthy environment full of positive energy, we usually deal with the right arrangement of furniture in the room. Feng shui, however, is much more than choosing the right place for a sofa, armchair, or bed, and following its guidelines, you can shape the look and atmosphere in your home. One of the easiest ways to change the energy of your home without throwing yourself into moving furniture is color. In feng shui, five elements are expressed through color. We will talk about the earthy colors (elements).

The earth element

The neutral color palette is one of the most popular choices in decorating, and it is quite clear why. It is timeless, easily fits into all styles, and we can adapt it to our needs more easily than bright and intense colors. This palette also represents the colors of the earth element that creates a sense of stability and protects relationships. Earthy colors are, therefore, an ideal choice for all zones in the home, and they look especially good in central spaces such as the living room, where they bring calm energy. The earth element promotes inner balance, so colors like beige, sand, and taupe gray-brown can be useful in the bedroom and study.

In the next two passages, read about examples of the earth colors you can implement into your home.

Earth tones for the bedroom

Earth tones for the bedroom

Warm color nuances often follow the feng shui tradition, and as such, are used in bedrooms. Common shades for the bedroom include brown, deep green, light purple, and creamy shades. Earth tones create a more intimate, soothing, and safe atmosphere in which absolute comfort is at the core.

earth color warm modern bathroom design idea

Warm bathroom

With earth color tones, you can make the appearance of the bathroom look much warmer. Try to avoid making a mistake of using cool tones in modern bathrooms, such as blue and white. The warm colors can give a nice counterbalance to the bathroom appearance. Earthy tones can also make a bathroom look far more relaxing and soothing.

Whether it is dark chocolate, light beige, or brown color, it will make any interior warm and pleasant for living, and provide a feeling of strength and stability. Interior designers and architects around the world love warm color shades because of their versatility.

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