Is it a good idea to put wallpaper in the bathroom?

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Wallpapers are the easiest way to completely change the appearance of a room without spending too much money. There are a huge variety of designs! Are you looking for a classic style? A modern touch? Or maybe the 80s vibes? Almost anything is possible when it comes to wall decor with this magical element.

But when it comes to the bathroom, there are some doubts about it. It is the wettest area at home after all! Can we actually succeed in the alliance wallpaper-bathroom? Everything you need to know is in here!

Image: Waterproof VIVIDO Wallpaper by Maria Gomez Garcia

agate realistic waterproof bathroom wallpaper

Types of wallpapers according to the surface

  • Traditional wallpaper. It is a thin paper layer without any protection. It is less common as it is the most delicate one. Moisture is not its friend, so you will have to clean it with just a piece of paper or a duster.
  • Fiber and vinyl wallpaper. A mix between textile and vinyl. It is soft and has good wear and moisture resistance.
  • Vinyl wallpaper. It is the strongest one. It is durable and washable, so it will resist moisture and use. That is the reason why it currently is the most commonly used type. This is the perfect one to use in your bathroom!

Image: Interior Design by JSE INTERIOR DESIGN / Realistic Agate wallpaper by designer Alex Turco


Image: Mineral Collection: Light Crust 1

Does peel and stick wallpaper work in bathrooms?

Of course! The important part comes when you choose the wallpaper, as it needs to be vinyl wallpaper. Prepared wallpapers are a little more expensive, but they will save you a lot of effort!

What kind of wallpaper should I use in a small bathroom?

If you are looking to decorate a small bathroom, we will give you a few tips to make it look bigger and awesome.

  • Light colors are your friends. If the main color is not dark, the light will reflect on the walls, and it will make it look bigger than it is. Choose wisely!
  • Highlight a part of the bathroom. Choose one or two walls (it will depend on the bathroom layout) and pick a special wallpaper that will provide all the personality and uniqueness you need. Be careful not to overload the walls or the effect will be the opposite.
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall. Bigger mirrors will make the effect we are exactly looking for. Combined with a beautiful background, you can not lose!
  • Transparent shower doors. They will expand the sight of the bathroom, and they will be so eye-catching!

Image: Torano, Deep Blue Clouded Marble Wallpaper Mural

Can I put wallpaper on the tiles of my bathroom?

The answer is yes. If you want to save some money, you do not need to take off all those old tiles to install that beautiful wallpaper, but it is not going to be that easy.

First of all, you need to cover all the imperfections and joints until the surface is flat. Otherwise, the result will not be as good as expected. Then, you will need to sand it and clean the dust. Now you are ready to put it in your bathroom walls and enjoy the lovely and chic space you have created!

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