Charming Scandinavian Apartment Interior Decorated In Earth Tones

This beautiful Scandinavian apartment looks very spacious, thanks to light colors, big windows, and natural materials. The biggest area in the apartment is reserved for a living room, combined with a dining area. Everything is decorated in Earth tones and it looks very cozy. In the living area, there’s a big cozy sofa with two armchairs and a bunch of soft pillows. The white carpet looks both elegant and very cozy at the same time. The area is perfect for relaxing while reading a book or simply daydreaming. Although there is plenty of space, big windows with a beautiful view make it even more spacious. The paintings on the wall match those neutral colors, although some of them are very modern and abstract. Most decorative elements are beige, but there are multiple green plants that add a bit of color and contrast. Scandinavian interior design is beautiful but so subtle: the architect paid attention to every detail, such as ceiling decorations.

Images: Alvhem


Other areas worth mentioning are the bedroom, kitchen, and a hall packed with bookshelves. Rooms are separated with massive white doors, but during the day you can keep them open, as the doors themselves look like a decorative element. As you may know, Scandinavian people value simplicity overall. That is why the bedroom may seem a bit empty, but it’s all about having a lot of space and not being crowded. In the center of the room, there is a big master bed. There are also a few artistic decorations and sculptures. The walls are darker than the living room walls, and the whole room looks very relaxing. The white chair and white lamp give a bit of contrast and remind us of the living room color combination. The whole apartment is balanced, and style and main tones and are the same throughout this Scandinavian apartment.


The kitchen is pretty spacious and there is a lot of space for all utensils. Unlike in some modern apartments nowadays, this kitchen is very functional and gives you plenty of space to make and store your homemade food. Wooden cupboards are colored in white, which matches the tone of the whole apartment.


Finally, the entrance – a place that gives you the first impression when you enter the apartment and that gives you a good vibe you are leaving it. It’s spacious, there’s plenty of space for storage and shoes. But a detail that makes it particular are massive bookshelves – they are what makes this apartment feel like a cozy home where you can relax after a long day at work.

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