The Art of Fine Fitted Furniture by O’Brien Harris

fine fitted furniture in white kitchen

O’Brien Harris was formed as a collaboration of renowned designers Laura O’Brien and Peter Harris. Peter began his interior design career with a specialty cabinet maker in his native London. His work brought him to Manhattan. There he spent the next two decades working with the world’s leading cabinet sellers. And there, that’s when a fine fitted furniture company came to life.

The story behind a fine fitted furniture company

During that time, Chicago-based designer Laura O’Brien gained recognition as an interior designer and launched flagship showrooms in Chicago’s Merchandise Mart and The Boston Design Center. Both designers had portfolios full of hundreds of cabinetry installations around the world. And both had a vision of a company that could achieve even more. It was thus that, in 2009, Laura and Peter opened O’Brien Harris in Chicago.

Their company creates beautiful furniture for making the best kitchen ideas come true.

Since its formation, O’Brien Harris has been recognized for creating classic rooms rendered with a contemporary eye. Handmade, bespoke cabinets that culminate in pure lines and precise proportion. The company is a unique collective of designers and craftspeople who work together to build the pride and heritage of a shared name and tradition. O’Brien Harris also values environmental ethics.

Below you can see some inspiring examples of fine fitted furniture ideas. In these examples the colors are mostly eathy, with a modern touch. Everyone can see themselves having an interior design like this, so why don’t you? Check out the photos below and let us know in the comments below whether you like it.

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