A Farmhouse White Kitchen Makes Coming Home Special

Warmth and comfort make a Farmhouse White Kitchen the center of a home’s heart. The simple yet alluring appeal of white spread across kitchen cabinets, walls, and appliances evokes feelings and memories for many people. When most folks think about a favorite place in their childhood, their thoughts turn to dishes steaming on the countertop. While waiting to be enjoyed. No wonder a Farmhouse White Kitchen is such a popular and uniquely individual environment in many homes.

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a white kitchen

Farmhouse White Kitchen Accents

Textures and variations in wood surfaces on cabinets and doors add depth and contour to countertops. Lighting accents enhance and focus attention on unique features and working spaces. An antique set of salt and pepper shakers sets off a Shaker table by the wall or a bowl full of apples on the counter. The possibilities are endless and the background doesn’t have to change to give the kitchen a complete makeover. Seasons pass with a parade of colors and themes. Each is framed by the constant beauty of a soft white canvas.

kitchen with white cabinets

Not Just Any Kitchen

Textures and colors stand out against the color white. Flower arrangements, copper pots, and cast iron utensils set the mood in a thousand combinations. Traditional checkerboard prints and soft blue Toie embrace family and guests in a warm, embracing hug. Smiles and good feelings abound regardless of the day’s experiences. Especially when there’s a pie in the oven or fresh bread cooling on the counter. This creates the background to a magical place where family, friends, and even strangers connect via pleasant memories.

farmhouse white kitchen

In For A Penny, In For A Pound

It doesn’t matter if the cabinets are solid white or framed with glass-paned panels. You can create a Farmhouse White Kitchen with simple additions and upgrades to an existing kitchen space. Brass cabinet pulls and drawer handles stand out. Easy additions of counter and tabletop decorations add emphasis. And increase color awareness of white surfaces. Decorators can experiment without fear of disaster because of the visually-accepting nature of basic white. That’s the reason why so many homeowners enjoy a Farmhouse White Kitchen – it’s a decorator’s dream!

kitchen with open shelves and cabinets

Modern or Traditional kitchen

Does a Farmhouse White Kitchen have to be traditional? Absolutely not! Modern appliances, sinks, stovetops, and islands can live side-by-side in a more modern version of a Farmhouse kitchen. What’s important is the overall color and decor. Not whether the cabinets are antiques or not. Painted surfaces, cabinet designs, and accessories can be easily modified. And just like that can bring their appearance more in line with a Farmhouse kitchen. Anyone can enjoy the atmosphere of a space like this … all it takes is a little imagination.

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