Modern Rustic Chalet With Bold Colors

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This is a modern rustic chalet with bold colors by Kylee Shintaffer. This Ski Chalet, used as a gathering place for family, was designed to connect the home to its natural surroundings. At the same time also creating a fresh and glamourous aesthetic. Rustic architectural elements along with bold colors and an eclectic mix of furnishings are part of the home to push the envelope beyond the trappings of typical mountain house vernacular. The result was a true reflection of the owner, and anything but typical.

Aspects of a rustic chalet with bold shades

Home interiors can be difficult at times when it comes to choosing the right colors. With this example you can see how wood elements fit together with bold colored furniture. They are special details that create a great overall result everyone would envy for. So are you ready for this fantastic rustic chalet with bold colors? Don’t waste any more time and explore its different aspects pictured below.

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