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Melina Divani

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A Scandinavian Home With Grey Walls In All Its Glory

Scandinavian living room decor with grey walls

This is an inviting single floor apartment with generous social spaces perfectly distributed among 6 rooms. The apartment is located on Banérgatan 51, Östermalm, Stockholm, in proximity to Djurgården's greenery and Karlaplan's abundant selection of shops, restaurants, and good connections. It is a perfect example of a subtle blend of...

Kids Design Floating Bed

kids modern floating bed 1

Children’s rooms always need to be a place where kids can hide away from the world.‎ The Cloud Bed is a suspended bed designed to create a sense of intimacy and make children feel sheltered.‎ It is a nest suspended among the clouds, where little ones can go to read, play or relax in a soft,...

That’s What Rustic Elegance Is All About

rustic elegant decorating idea 2

Architecture is process and product, the creative manipulation of materials, technology and light. More than designing space, Norris Architecture creates environments that utilize the principles of design: utility, durability and beauty to produce fluid environments that reflect the unique character of each client. “Architecture is a language; great architecture is...