The Butcher’s Kitchen: A Unique Project to Inspire You

The Butchers Kitchen

A project that will catch your attention is the following: the butcher’s kitchen. The butcher’s vibe in a kitchen is a game-changer that will transform your home interior. It is one of the most unique kitchen ideas you can get inspiration from. But really, what is it all about? Let’s find out!

The butcher’s kitchen project

This project is a concept kitchen range designed by Buster + Punch and built by Canakoket. Canadakoket was founded by Karl Backstrom, a swedish craftsman who learned how to build kitchens in Canada in 1872. And was one of the very first to offer prefabricated kitchen fronts to the market…..way before our friends at Ikea. This kitchen is a kitchen infused with London attitude and built by the best Swedish hands. Find it here.

But before that, check out some angles captured of this incredible interior design.

The Butchers Kitchen 2
The Butchers Kitchen 3

Big cabinets play an important role for saving space and time while in the kitchen. The storage space in this case is absolutely optimized and great for those that have many items to store.

Of course the fact that this is a kitchen with island cannot go unnoticed! After all, we have proof that this is a trend that’s going to last for many years. Check out our article about this for more elaboration.

The Butchers Kitchen 4
The Butchers Kitchen5

Dark colors are visible in this case. They bring out seriousity, strong and intense feelings once entering the space. The marble surfaces also add to this atmosphere which is definitely unforgettable.

The Butchers Kitchen 6
The Butchers Kitchen 7

Golden and silver details are visible in several parts of the interior. Despite being small, they make a huge difference when it comes to making the place warm and friendly.

The Butchers Kitchen 8
The Butchers Kitchen 9

Wood is also another material wisely incorporated in this kitchen. Some pendant lights are also a thing! And we don’t wonder why, as it is highly recommended. Having this type of lighting in your kitchen makes it look more luxurious. Moreover it adds a touch of industrial vibes without much effort. That’s killing two birds with one stone!

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