53 Best White Kitchen Designs

white kitchen design
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You probably have heard that white kitchen ideas are boring, right? Wrong! This style and color is one of the most elegant choices you can make. It creates great atmosphere and makes the overall home decor look spacious and modern. In this article we are going to see some great white kitchen ideas and the elements you should focus on for the best kitchen possible.

Undoubtedly, a kitchen is not only one of the most important sections of a house. It also has a major role determining the resale value of the space. That’s why remodelling and checking kitchen ideas is all about making it aesthetically pleasing, fresh and of course, trendy. This definitely calls for loads of modern designs ranging from decor elements and counters to a versatile color scheme. To make it all look so much brighter and evergreen, shades of white establish themselves as the rulers of kitchen colors.

White kitchen ideas that will definitely inspire you

Whether you want to go for the idea of modern, classic, traditional, cottage or contemporary – white kitchen designs are here for you. A gorgeous use of white kitchen design won’t fail to hit all the right notes every single time. White can transform your kitchen from truly simple to enchanting. Whether you want to go for an all-white kitchen or little embellishments in the refreshing hue. We have bundled up some of the most incredibly gorgeous white kitchen ideas that are totally chic and elegant! Let’s take a look!

Image: two thirty-five designs

table with stools

Can you think of the elements you can change and adjust in your kitchen? Well there are plenty, ranging from small to bigger ones. For example, kitchen cabinets, handles, lights, surfaces and stools are some of them.

Add some white cabinetry

Yes, that’s right! White cabinetry is one of the most effective and well-known methods to affect the atmosphere of your white kitchen. After all, it is the most prominent element of any kitchen, so it’d better be in the shade you wish it to be.

white kitchen design 5

Via: Interior Kitchen Design: Liz Schupanitz / Photo: Andrea Rugg

white kitchen design 3

Whether they have wood or glass surfaces, they both work towards making the space inviting and chic. As you can see on these examples the white cabinets add more openness and coziness to the kitchen. Great, isn’t it?

Choose the right backsplash

If you have an all-white kitchen then playing with the backsplash tiles is a good way to break the monotony and create some balance. You can, of course, choose the same white shade as the rest of the kitchen for more brightness. Otherwise, it would be acceptable to choose some mild color shades like nude or pastel colors. Here in this example, you can notice how great this shade incorporates with the rest of the kitchen. And makes it look cool without overdoing it.

white kitchen design 4

Image: L. Kae Interiors

However, there is the possibility of choosing white backsplash tiles, as well. It equally turns your kitchen into a beautiful room! The backsplash design might be diagonial, vertical or horizontal. All of them are great!

white kitchen design 5

Idea: lizmarieblog

white kitchen design 10

Source: HGTV / Photo: Shutterbug

Combine it with black

Wait, wouldn’t that mean that you would create a black and white kitchen? Well, no, not exactly. You can still opt for some black details around the kitchen. These details could actually intensify the feeling and vibes created by the white kitchen elements. Thus, making amazing white kitchen ideas.

white kitchen design 7

Image: adore / Photography: Lauren Bamford / Styling: Alana Langan / Interior: Katy Thomas

A great idea would be to have some black details in-between the backsplash tiles. This will go both ways. One, it will make the backsplash look stunning. And two, the style of the tiles will be more visible.

white kitchen design 9

Image: SS life+style

Except for that, you can also go for a black sink. It’s one of the most usual ways to subtly transform a simple white kitchen. Also, other great options would be black cabinet handles or semi-black stools. Notice how all these small details create ideal vibes in this part of the house.

Use wooden countertops

The light color of wood paired with white shades will definitely make your kitchen look absolutely stunning! If you want your kitchen to be friendly and super inviting then this is the element you should go for!

white kitchen design 8

Photo: homespo

room with copper lights


Either small or bigger surfaces covered in wood, the idea is exactly the same. You can choose whatever works best for you. As you can see, in both cases the overall result is eye-pleasing and catchy!

white kitchen design 43

Via: Howdens

Use some pendant lights

This might be obvious, for some. But did you know that pendant lights can change the way your kitchen looks completely? In whatever style, material and color you choose them, they are all a key-factor when making any white kitchen ideas exellent!

cabinets and shelves
white kitchen design 13

Idea: Lissa Lee Hickman

The energy they exude in your home decor is such that characterizes youth, positive vibes and freshness. If you like elements like this, then go for it. And why not, let us know in the comments below about the result!

white kitchen design 19

Photo: style at home

Add some colorful sprinkles

Wanna find another way to diminish the whole all-white kitchen effect? Well adding some colorful sprinkles in several spots is a good way to go. For example, you can add some cooking books in your shelves. The more colorful they are, the more they will stand out with the white canvas.

cabinets near a sink

Image: Ivory Lane

Plants is also effective in this case. Apart from cleaning the air, they can make a white kitchen look way better, and more inviting to guests.

white kitchen design 14

Picture: Our House

white kitchen design 22

Idea: Carla Aston

Go for bold colors if you want something to stand out more. Still, mild colors can work as well.

white kitchen design 32

Idea: Vanessa Francis

Why consider having white kitchen design

So why should you think about having a white kitchen design? The answer is simple. It brings light to your kitchen, it is a modern and chic color and it definitely can be combined easily with bold kitchen furniture. Some colors that match this design would be gold, black, beige, silver and many more. As you can see, you can use it in every case you want. Indeed, the color combinations are endless and all on point! So, anything you will want will be possible.

white kitchen design 14

Image: fresh exchange

white kitchen design 15

Idea: East Hill Cabinetry

white kitchen design 16
white kitchen design 17

Via: Wentworth Studio

white kitchen design 18

Image: Alyssa Rosenheck

white kitchen design 11

Source: at home in Arkansas

white kitchen design 20
white kitchen design 21


white kitchen design 23

Picture: the turquoise home

white kitchen design 24

Photo: I Married a Tree Hugger

white kitchen design 25

Image: Saussy Burbank

white kitchen design 26

Idea: lemon grove blog

white kitchen design 27

Image: Griffin Custom Cabinets

white kitchen design 28

Photo:  gaylord design

white kitchen design 29

Image: Carla Aston

white kitchen design 30

Picture: greige design

white kitchen design 31

Image: House & Home

glass cabinets near a sink

Via: Flagg Coastal Homes

indoor chalkboard

Picture: Nicola Blackmore

white kitchen design 35

Image: inspired by this / Photography: Brittany Jones

white kitchen design 37

Source: Connecticut Stone

white kitchen design with pale colors

Photo: House Beautiful / Interior Design: Caitlin Wilson

white kitchen design 39

Image: Nikolas Koenig

white kitchen design 40

Picture: Sarah Sherman Samuel via MyDomaine

white kitchen design 41
wood chairs and cabinets

Image: Seventh House on the Left

white kitchen design 44

Idea: Our House

carpet design and cabinets

Photo: Monika Hibbs

chairs and indoor plants

Image: Sam Allen Interiors

stools and cabinets


cabinets and drawers

Image: Karr Bick

open shelves
woman cooking

Source: Southern Living

minimalist  open shelves

Image: Peter Ivens

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