The 15 Most Stylish Book Storage Ideas

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If there’s one habit I never tire of collecting, that’s the book. As a self-professed book lover, books will always hold a special place in my heart. Nothing can ever replace the smell of book pages when you open them again and again. But sometimes our love of books can get messy very quickly. A book suddenly becomes a small pile and that pile accumulates over time and becomes a leaning tower of books. This is true for anyone whose love of books even takes up space that was not meant for it. But those favorite collections can turn into your home’s most popular showcase. With the right arrangement and decoration, you can turn your reading nook into a distraction-free oasis where you can relax with your favorite author. Check these stylish book storage ideas.

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Book Storage Ideas

1. Be decorative

Add some color and style to your built-in bookshelves. Be creative with how you display your books. Put up stylish bookends, uneven height decorations, or framed photos. Spice it up with a few colors. Small touches can make a big difference on your bookshelf.

Image: apartment therapy

2. Be grounded

console table book storage idea

If you are short on space, turn your console table into a stylish book storage solution. You can also use the top to store keys, small knick-knacks, and gloves.


3. Make it float

If you let your bookcase float, you will save a lot of space and at the same time it will add an aesthetic touch to your home as it will take up minimum space but have maximum impact

4. Stack it up

DIY bench by Concrete building blocks

A wooden bench is also a perfect solution for storing books. Place the wooden bench under the large artwork and stack your books horizontally by title or by the length of the books. Put the longest at the bottom and the shortest at the top. Complement it all with decorative items and place an oversized houseplant to complete the look.

5. Paint your wall

Hang your bookshelf on the wall and paint it a bold color to create a stunning statement wall that will add depth to your living room or library. Make your bookshelf as exciting as the volumes it houses with a simple coat of paint.

Image: DGI

6. Floor to Ceiling Book Shelves

Take advantage of your high ceiling. Consider a wall unit that reaches the sky. Not only can you store your books there, but you can also display your prized possessions, travel items, artwork and more.

Best Built-In BookShelves Around A Fireplace Design Ideas

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7. Use coffee table

coffee table with books

Enhance your coffee table by stacking some of your favorite books within easy reach. Add style and dimension by stocking it with plants, vases and other small items. It’s also a great way to entertain your guests. They can pick up a book and flip through it while you prepare a drink for them in the kitchen.

8. Transform your hallway into a library

Hallways are not only for storing shoes, but also books. Turn your hallway into your walk-in library. This way, your hallway will look like an extension of your living room. Along with a painting or a print, you can also make the opposite wall your photo gallery.

9. Build a bookshelf wall around a doorway

Bookshelves around the entrance create a cool focal point and turn any room into a small library. If you use shelves in a color that is different from the color of your wall, the door frame becomes eye-catching and gives it its own identity.

10. Play with shape

Give your book storage a modern twist. Do not opt for standard shelves, but instead choose different sizes of display cases to hang on the wall at different heights. Combine the design and make sure that the items inside the box are clean and simple to keep the impression of freshness.

11. Use basket as book storage

Using wire baskets as storage is not only practical, but also beautiful.

Image: Funky Junk Interiors

12. Don’t forget your kitchen

We often forget to make the most of the space in our kitchen. So if you are running out of space in your living room and bedroom, your kitchen is the right environment for your books. Books in your kitchen are a great way to add dimension to your kitchen or dining room. Stash your books on your open kitchen shelving or display them on your kitchen island so you can quickly have your best cooking recipes at your fingertips.

13. Refurbished your old furniture

old furniture book storage

If your budget is tight or you have limited space, get creative by using the furniture you already have. A repainted bookshelf or a makeshift end table can be a cool, unexpected place to store your books while making it easy to get to your current reading.

14. Add plants


Placing indoor plants on top of your books is an easy trick to style your book stacks. Choose your favorite small indoor potted plants or place a vase of fresh-cut flowers on top of your book stack. Complete the look with a larger floor plant on the sides to add dimension and symmetry.

15. Be creative

Think about how you can incorporate your personal style, taste, and personality into your book storage. You can order your books in color to make your room more interesting. Mix sizes, colors, and textures to add impact.


There are many cool and creative ways to store your books. Try to take advantage of every possible corner on the wall and floor that you have. I hope you get inspired and found something you like.

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