40 Moroccan Themed Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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If you’re looking to bring an exotic yet elegant feel to your bedroom, you should consider themed bedrooms like in Moroccan style décor. This elegantly mysterious idea of design will bring special atmosphere to your home. The exotic nature and vast assortment of patterns and colors found in Moroccan furniture and accessories will amaze you. This is what makes it a popular choice for designers. Moroccan themed bedrooms look gorgeous and very comfortable. Be as creative as possible with these Moroccan bedroom ideas below!

Check out some Moroccan bedroom ideas

Moroccan Bedroom idea

Rendering by Alexander Nesterov for architects Lebedeva Ekaterina and Finogenova Vera.

Moroccan Bedroom Decorating Idea

Amazing Moroccan Bedroom Decorating Idea

Moroccan Bedroom Decorating Idea with purple details

Elegand Moroccan bedding set by  Bliss Living Home.

Classic Moroccan Bedroom Decorating Idea

Dark wood for a themed bedroom

Wood is certainly one of the key building blocks of any Moroccan or Arabic decor. Choose furniture in deep brown wood like a hand-carved bedside table, a headboard, a screen divider or even carved wood wall art. Cher’s Moroccan themed bedroom decorated by Martyn Lawrence Bullard.

Via AD

Innovative Moroccan Bedroom Decorating Idea

Vibrant colours to add life

Such as cerise pink and lime green – pop against an aubergine-coloured backdrop. Delicate detailing in pressed-metal furniture and hanging lamps is picked up in appliqued bed linen. Also a pretty stenciled border pulls the scheme together!
Via house to home

Romantic Moroccan Bedroom Decorating Idea
Moroccan Bedroom Decorating Idea with purple bed

Via Elle Decor

Green Blue Moroccan Bedroom  Decorating Idea

Canopy bed as in fairytales

Want to see more traditional Moroccan bedroom ideas? Scroll down for more. But before take some time to see the details of the above photo. The room brings crafty Moroccan lamps and skilfully carved wood elements together. And this way Moroccan furniture, doors, windows and mirror frames decoration is on point. Themed bedrooms like this are special and definitely  not for every taste. But it is worth trying for those who love exotic touches.

Moroccan Bedroom 22 Decorating Ideas

Canopy bed in Moroccan themed bedrooms are another classic! Don’t be scared to improvise if you don’t have an actual canopy bed. It’s easy to make your own by hanging coloured fabrics above the bed to form a large fold. Go for richly saturated jewel tone colours such as sapphire blue, ruby red, amethyst purple, topaz yellow and emerald green.

Light Blue Moroccan Bedroom Decorating Ideas
Moroccan Bedroom Idea

Patterns to spice things up

Patterns contribute to the highly dramatic and decorative aesthetic of the Moroccan style. They can be found literally anywhere – pillows, fabrics, tiles, wood carvings, rugs. You can dial up or down the traditional Moroccan décor by using multiple or selected patterns according to your own taste. If you love big bold, clashing patterns, go with large, intricate patterns in various colours which can also be layered on top of each another

Moroccan Bedroom Decorating Idea with paintings

Rugs and carpets with prints

Rugs and carpets are iconic in any Moroccan home design. You can choose very traditional styles with thick weaves in deep colours or go a modern interpretation, inspired by the traditional designs. Diamond patterns are always a safe choice.

White and Blue Moroccan Bedroom Decorating Idea
Moroccan Bedroom 13 Decorating Ideas
themed decor
Moroccan Bedroom at night

Bright Moroccan Bedroom Decorating Idea
Moroccan Bedroom 18 Decorating Ideas

Via be fair be funky

Moroccan Bedroom 20 Decorating Ideas

Tiles and mosaics that astonish

Tiling and mosaics in vibrant, contrasting colours are very common in Moroccan homes. Even though they are mostly used in bathrooms, you can still make use of them in your bedroom if you want to create a colourful, stand-out, unique corner, like in a fireplace, on the ceiling or even used as wall art.

Moroccan Bedroom Decorating Idea with wooden details
Moroccan Bedroom 17 Decorating Ideas

Gold and copper accents for warmth

Warm metal accents like copper, gold and brass enrich the traditional Moroccan colour palette, by adding textured and a touch of luxury to the overall carefree, sometimes bohemian decor.

Fabrics for color and finesse

Texture is everything in Moroccan and Arabian inspired designs. Pillows, throw blankets, floating linens, drapes, wall hangings and rugs are essential pieces, bring a feel of 1001 Arabian Nights to your space. Floaty luxurious fabrics in rich colors, simple or with intricate designs, create a sensual, dreamy atmosphere. Try draping fabrics from furniture, window frames or even the ceiling, and use heavy, decorated cords to tie them.

Dark Blue Moroccan Bedroom Decorating Idea

 Strong color for Moroccan style bedroom.

Deep Blue Moroccan Bedroom Decorating Idea
moroccan 27 bedroom ideas

Ryad Dyor, a modern moroccan ryad. The traditional courtyard building is over 300 years old. But it’s been updated with modern grays, browns, and ochres. Intricate patterning is everywhere in Marrakech, and the Ryad Dyor has its fair share. But for every lacy, detailed metal grill there’s an open expanse of blank wall. In other words, the designers were careful to balance traditional influences with modern sensibilities. There’s also a nice mix of African and European furnishings, textiles, and accessories.

moroccan 28 bedroom ideas

Lighting for fancy indoor decor

Hanging lanterns unquestionably add romanticism, mystery and a hint of magic to your space. They give the bedroom an authentic Moroccan look and ambiance. Why not try chandeliers or metal lamps depending on your personal taste.

moroccan themed bedroom

themed bedroom with brown walls

white and golden bedroom

Via apartment therapy

Pillows and throws for that extra touch

Go big, mix and match styles, patterns and textures. Pillows and throws contribute to the overall atmosphere. They are also a good starting point for creating your very own Moroccan decor. They can easily transform your bed, sofa (or even your floor!), and add rich colours and textures.

light blue and white bedroom
bedroom with special ceiling
bedside table and brown bed
white and beige bedroom

small bedroom with carpets
white and beige bedroom
white bedroom idea

white bedroom

special themed bedroom design

bedroom with mirror

white and brown bedroom

blue and beige themed bedroom

So these were some Moroccan themed bedrooms and ideas to get you inspired. Did you like them? Are you using aother element that we might have skipped? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Loving the creativity on this one.

    I couldn’t possibly come up with this many good themed bedrooms myself – great work!

    I think I need a wife first though before I try my hand on a Moroccan bedroom 🙂


  2. Helen Bloodsaw-Luther

    I think I’m in love You just killed it with your Moroccan bedroom ideas. It just left me wanting more and more and more of all that good stuff

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