Best Built-In BookShelves Around A Fireplace Design Ideas

Bookshelves and fireplaces are reputedly iconic interior design elements. You can articulate to make a space look cozy and grand. Matching these two elements can come up with a very stylish and timeless look to any room. A well-designed bookshelf in a room with a fireplace is the focal point. Bookshelves can be drastic visual accessories that you can complement with your fireplace. Hence, unifying the design of your bookshelf with the design of you fireplace is a practical idea. The main goal is to keep your bookshelf look one with the fireplace. So, it is more recommendable to have a floor to ceiling built-in bookshelves. This will enhance the size and height of your walls and lessens unnecessary architectural elements that clutters the vision.

Image: Farmhouse living room with Built-ins around fireplace and windows by ONYX + ALABASTER.

Bookshelves Around a Fireplace

Custom built-in bookshelves are always the best idea. Here are some tips that you can consider and support your floor to ceiling built in bookshelf ideas:

  • The overall look of your built-in bookshelves should be in contrast to the finishing materials of your fireplace if you have a small enclosed room.
  • If your built in bookshelf is located adjacent to the wall of your fireplace, keep it simple but relevant and analogous to the color of the fireplace.
  • If your built in bookshelf is located across or on the other wall against your fireplace, you can make it identifiable if you have an open room. It is also best to match your built in bookshelf with the flooring.
  • For a small built in bookshelf, you can color it white to make it low-key but ultimately catching to the eyes and matching to any color. White-washed shelves are classic and timeless built in design if you are not a design-particular person.
  • Neutral colors and wooden patterns are best to color your floor to ceiling built in bookshelf to make the interiors look homey and warm.
  • Cool colors are also options that you can consider.

Pictures of Bookshelves Around a Fireplace

black bookshelves around black fireplace

Image: cruft berry bush


The most vital characteristic of a floor to ceiling bookshelf is that it is immovable. Therefore, it is already considered as a wall or a base design of the space. Make your bookshelf versatile and light-looking. Aside from designing it to match with the overall surroundings, it must also have a design that matches with every other decors or small decorative objects that you mount on it. For bookshelves, you can also place picture frames, vases, or figurines to give it a more embellished appeal. Thus, built in bookshelves should be functional. It must have the right dimensions. Every division should have a minimum dimension of 0.60 meters both height and width to accommodate every book size and thickness. The depth should also be at least 0.60 meters for the function to be optimal.

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