Decorating Trends To Avoid

Are you looking to spruce up your home in the new decade? It’s a good idea to take note of design trends on their way out in 2020 before committing to any big changes. To help, we’ve rounded up a list of decorating trends to avoid in the coming new year. Check out our list and mind the ones you might have already done, in order to make things better. The sooner you make those changes, the better!

Some decorating trends you should think twice about

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edison bulbs

Edison Bulbs

These bulbs gained notable popularity in 2015. They’re utilized in countless coffee shops and speakeasies giving these spaces that sought after industrial and hip feel. However, with the undone industrial look on the way out, it’s time to say goodbye to the Edison Bulb. We’re looking forward to more exciting and intricate decorating ideas for lighting.

Image: Lindsay Hackney

millennial pink is a trend to avoid

Millennial Pink

Millennial Pink and blush tones dominated the fashion and design scene over the last several years. Many designers have shared their excitement to have these shades disappear along with other pastel hues. If you’re having a hard time letting go of pink, try opting for a more terracotta shade. This will do the trick instead. Although it’s a beautifl color with much to offer to your home decor, it’s also one of the decorating trends to avoid! However, in some cases you can only use sprinkles of that color every now and then. But with attention!

all white kitchen decorating trend to avoid

All White Kitchens

The stark white ultra-clean kitchen look is on its way out. Homeowners are shifting to warmer more inviting spaces by adding in colors like muted greens or warm wood cabinets. With the addition of more color, there is speculation that stainless steel appliances may be a thing of the past. There’s a prediction that white appliances with bronzed handles will be the new trend.

fast furniture example

Fast Furniture

To put it simply, fast furniture is anything cheap that you’ll utilize for a few seasons and then get rid of when the trends change. With high importance on climate change and more sustainable living, people are opting for vintage and recycled pieces. Try giving new life to old products and adopting a more timeless look. Not only is this good for the planet, but it’ll be good for your finances too.

neutral colors used in living room and kitchen


Similar to the end of the all-white kitchen era, it’s now time to kiss a neutral filled home goodbye. To clarify, we’re not talking all neutrals, specifically white and gray. Designers suggest you adopt camel and caramel hues as your new neutral. This will create warmer and cozier living spaces.

word art on the wall

Word Art

Step inside any home decorating store and you’re sure to find a bunch of motivational word art. While it is nice to have something inspiring on your walls, it’s time to get rid of those generic quotes. Instead, find or create art that means something special to you.

a decorating trend to avoid with indoor plants

To Wrap Things Up

While it’s fun to take note of the coming changes, it’s important to remember that your home is personal to you. If you still love millennial pink, no one is forcing you to part ways with it. What it really comes down to is finding what feels homey and perfect to you. Decorate in a way that brings you joy and sure your sure to have a wonderful new decade.

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