10 Mirror Over The Kitchen Sink Ideas

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Mirrors are one of the few decorative elements in a space that can also solve many problems in the interior. What about a mirror in the kitchen? Wait, what? Yes, you read that right. A mirror can easily be placed in the kitchen room.

If it is well-placed, it can visually double the size of the room. And also give a dose of drama or determine the style of decoration in any kitchen ideas. The different sizes, shapes, and designs only emphasize their versatility and guarantee that you will easily find the one that suits you.

Image: Patrick Cline / Elle decor

A mirror in the kitchen

Before we dive right into the gist of this trend, you might want to take a look at professional tips on how to decorate walls with mirrors. This general guide will fill you with insights that will definitely help you. The conventional bathroom mirror ideas are also a key for understanding the importance of this furniture.

And now that you are ready and well informed, let’s see what a mirror in kitchen looks like.

mirrored entered wall over the kitchen sink

Mirror over kitchen sink or in place of the kitchen tiles is a part of the past that has recently started to reappear in modern interiors. Popular in the ’70s, this decorative detail was once associated with bars and old restaurants, but brings a welcome element of surprise to space.

Kitchen sink against a windowless window

Joanna Gaines  uses a paned mirror to reflect the natural light from the windows across from it, and no one has to feel like they’re facing a wall when they’re working at the sink.

large mirror above kitchen sink

Mirrors in the kitchen help to reflect other surfaces of the kitchen and illuminate the walls or the entire part of the space, which receives too little attention by itself. Mirror over kitchen sink idea is one of the many great ideas when considering placing one in the kitchen.

Image:  Jenny Wolf Interiors

Antique Louis Philippe Silver Leaf Mirror over the kitchen sink

Image: lisa luby ryan

black metal muntin mirror over kitchen sink to simulate a window

Alana Woerpel used a mirror to simulate a window.

flower and decorative stuff above the sink


geometrical shapes near the sink like oval and rectangular cabinets
a modern sink with shiny furniture around and organized bottles and glasses
window mirror over kitchen sink

Image: menaiset

Alternatives for kitchen mirrors

You can consider more contemporary designs like tiles with a mirror effect. Or a broken mirror folded back into the shape. It creates a striking texture and pattern. A one-piece, framed mirror located behind the sink can give the impression that you own a window in this place. Which is certainly a perfect illusion in all surfaces that lack windows and natural light.

These reflective pieces of decoration look beautiful in modern interiors. They emphasize the sophistication of the lines and visually open up space. But it will look just as good in any room. The only thing you need to watch out for is positioning. Do not be tempted to place the mirror on the wall just so that it is not empty. Make sure it reflects something interesting or important. For example, if you have a beautiful chandelier over the kitchen table, emphasize it with a mirror above kitchen sink. That way, you will be able to enjoy the beauty even while you are turned toward the sink.

The biggest advantage of mirrors is that they appear to the human eye as if they do not exist. Behind them, you can even hide things, or if they are huge – you can hide the whole part of the room. Except the bathroom and hallway, the mirrors can be found in just about every room of the home. These options include the kitchen, bedroom, study, and living room.

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