Interior Designers’ Best Tips Of All Time

Our home is a place of comfort, but let’s face it, seeing the same old furniture, colors, and sheets every day can also make you less productive. Reading interior design tips from professionals can help turn the old, dull house into the same old but more fashionably functional home! Here are 12 timeless interior designers tips to level up your home experience.

Best Interior Designers Ideas and Tips

1. Your home is about you


A home can be a house, but not all houses are homes. A house is a place you rest in, but a home is a place of vulnerability and relief. When designing your home interior, the first thing to remember is to prioritize what you want in terms of design, materials, and placement. What you choose to buy, remove, and retain represents who you are and what you like. Your home reflects your personality; it means that once you invite people to your home, you also ask them to get to know you.

2. The rooms should bring on a feeling of peace


There are five principles of interior design—scale and proportion, rhythm, harmony, balance, and emphasis—these principles help make your designing elements look cohesive and eye-pleasing. The scale on which your furniture depends should be in the right proportion to the size of the room. Rhythm affects the continuity of eye movement from one piece of furniture to the other.

The placement of your design items can be transitory, progressive, or repetitive to make them peaceful. Emphasis and balance work with each other as they depend on different design elements’ position, size, and proximity. You can see a radial type of balance in round dining tables. If you want to emphasize an accent candle in the middle, you must place it where people can easily see it without making it a visual nuisance when dining.

3. Try before you buy paint


One common mistake that interior designers don’t want you to commit is buying a paint color that you first don’t test on a similar colored and textured wall as your home. When you go to a hardware store and see a paint color that you think would complement your house’s existing palette, you should first consider the color you will paint it on. Often, the color we see is not 100% the same as when we paint on our walls because our walls are not the ideal shade of white.

4. Measuring is key


Whether it’s for furniture buying or decoration placement, you need to measure the dimensions first before buying the item consistently. Imagine what would happen if you purchased a brand new bed foam for your bed, but after it arrived, you found out its two inches more than your bed frame? I don’t think you would like that either. So, remember, knowing the exact measurements is often better than choosing sizes based on your instinct.

5. Less is often more


The fewer non-functional items you have in your home, the cleaner and more spacious it looks. For a single-person house, having enough utensils, chairs, and beds for you and a couple of guests can do. In terms of decorations, having just the right amount of wall, floor, and table designs that looks visually pleasing but not over-the-top for your house size is excellent advice.

6. Mix different wood tones


Wood tones can transform the look of your room from bland to beautiful. You can mix and match cool, neutral, and warm wood tones in specific areas in your house to see which ones complement other wooden items like types of furniture, coffee tables, chairs, and floors. Warm wood tones such as mahogany and cheery work well with cool tones like ash and maple. If you’re having trouble choosing, one interior design tip is to base your choice with the dominant tone, which in most cases is the wood flooring. If you don’t have one, base your selection on the undertones of your existing wood furniture.

7. If you love something, it should work


Your preferences do not always have to follow what others tell you to choose. May it be an odd-colored couch or an anime-inspired wall painting, the best choice is the one that makes you the happiest. Interior designing doesn’t always have to be Instagram-worthy and aesthetic; your love for an item fits the home.

8. Art and indoor plants can make a big impact

Art in photographs, paintings, or vases can bring life to plain walls and floors. It makes any house look more ‘finished’ and complete. Indoor plants can also be an additional accent design if you want to add more earth tones to your home. You put terrariums on your home desk as this low-maintenance plant. You can also opt for a tall snake tree plant to put in a corner wall.

9. Choose the right lighting


The best lighting is natural light from the sun because it gives your home a more vibrant environment and saves you more power! The lighting you choose will determine what type of mood you want to set in a specific place. Warm light encourages a room to feel more calm and cozy, while blue light can make you more productive. There’s even a study that shows that warm light can increase your chances of feeling sleepy.

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Images: Studio McGee

10. A statement armchair can change your while living room style

Not everything has to be orderly and uniform in your house. One interior design tip is to include one statement piece in your home that can serve as the focal point to the place. Do not be afraid to buy an item out of the box—may it be an armchair or an eye-catching carpet—because that will give extra flavor to your home.

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11. Antique and vintage finds

Antique never gets old. Vintage items such as old hourglasses, broken pieces of vinyl, old cameras, and vases can make your living room look organic. You don’t necessarily need to spend to buy vintage designs; you can recycle old books, letters, bottles and re-modify them into an art piece that you would like.

The Modern Vintage Interior Design Style

12. Timeless yet modern design

Timeless yet modern living room interior design

Interior design takes a toll on most people’s schedules and bank accounts. One sustainable interior design tip is to choose a modern design for your home that can encompass a couple of years without looking out of trend. One way to make your home timeless is by choosing neutral-colored items. In that way, you don’t have to buy new decorations that fit the year’s color continuously.


Images: House of Jade


Interior design is both a skill and a talent. You have to learn the do’s and don’ts of designing to get the visualization that you want, but at the same time, you also must have that personal instinct to decide on minor details that you think just fit your liking. These 12 interior design tips can be a guide for your next big house revamp, but take note that at the end of the day, you’re the boss of your own home.

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  1. I agree when you said that less is often more when it comes to interior design. I want to get the interior of my house renovated since some of the tiles seem to be coming off. Thanks for the tips on interior designing and I hope that I can find a good service for my house soon.

  2. I absolutely agree that preferences should not always be based upon what others tell you is best for you because the final choice should be whatever makes you happy. I’m looking for an interior designer service to style our newly renovated beach house to stay at this summer. We are all so excited to talk about our visions and see it executed.

  3. This is a great article for anyone interested in interior design. It is packed with tips from some of the best designers in the business, and it is sure to help you improve your own home décor. Thank you for sharing this valuable resource!

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