Professional Tips For Decorating Walls With Mirrors

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Have you just acquired an apartment and you’re still not clear what kind of decor you’re going to fill in your new home? There will be an aspect that you can not forget. If you want to decorate your house with style then the latest trend you can use is wall mirrors. Decorating walls with mirrors really gives you an edge when it comes to having a modern home interior design!

Image: Marzena Marideko

The art of mirror decoration

The decoration with mirrors is an art, actually. For many the use of a mirror is still limited to being able to see our faces while we dress in the bathroom. Or to have a reference point where we can look before leaving home to check that we are well dressed.

But honestly they make for excellent decorating ideas.

The possibilities of decoration with mirrors go beyond that. Since time immemorial, mirrors have been cultural elements. Sometimes even the protagonists of great stories that we all remember, such as snow-white and its ever-gentle “Mirror, Mirror”. If culture sees them as a powerful element, why not us?

The latest trends in decoration show that decorating walls with mirrors is a practical necessity. That way we can exploit all the characteristics of a house to the maximum, through the strategic placement of mirrors in one place or another.

However, everything will depend on the size, style, colour, shape, natural light of the room. And also the function that the mirror really has to play in that space. Sometimes they are simply there to make the place bigger and others to multiply the sensation of light. Yet, others are only mirrors to look at, but full of style and in harmony with us and our house.

For all this, below we will list ten key ideas with which you can transform your home with the simple placement of one or several mirrors. You want your home to be special and each corner to have its own voice? Take notes then!

Mirror ideas for your home

3 mirrors above couch grey wall decorating idea

Visual tricks

Mirrors create a sense of space, absorb the image and light of a space and make it bounce. Thus, providing a double sensation in both brightness and depth. You could say that strategically placing a mirror in a place in the dining room would be like adding windows.

This is possible if we place the mirror facing one of the windows with more light and have a very wide view of the outside. In this way, the exterior will be inside our house, as well as all its light, converting a simple dining room in a beautiful viewpoint that will give us a pleasant feeling of well-being and spaciousness.

It is important to remember that one of the keys to the balance of the energy of a home is in its decoration. Specifically in the strategy of elements that distribute space and light. Therefore, by decorating with mirrors we will contribute to the harmony of the home and our interior.

Image: kirkland’s

Large scale wall mirror: sometimes more is more

Surely you’ve always been told that less is more, right? Well, although this statement is entirely correct, if we want decorating walls with mirrors in a minimalist way, there are times when excess may also bring us more benefits. We explained it to you.

Multiple mirrors Collage living room wall decoration

Imagine your living room. Surely it will have a table, some windows, furniture, lamps and some other door. Well, now imagine that one of the walls, preferably the one that is taller, wider and focused towards some window or point of light, is all full of mirrors. The feeling of space will multiply! Not to mention the elegance and distinction that will bring all these mirrors covering an entire wall.

Image: @rusticwildarrow

floor to ceiling mirrors in small dining room

Also, if your dining room was small, the mirror mural will duplicate that space, extending the floor and ceiling. Although each house is different, therefore each room will have a different result when applying this wonderful decorative trick.

Image: my domaine

puzzle diamond mirror mural floor to ceiling dining room wall decoration

Asymmetry in decorating walls with mirrors

You like puzzles? Imagine seeing your room divided into 20 parts or your own reflection? This is possible using a framed mirror. Of course, these types of mirrors are not ideal to be able to see your face well while you make up. You would have to be looking at each small square in order to have a sharper image of your face.

Its function is purely decorative, to bring dynamism and fun to the stay. They are often used strategically in hallways or walls that reflect a wide area. ANd just like that the puzzle effect is even greater.

decorating walls with full mirror length

The size always matters

At this point, something similar to a wall full of mirrors happens. Don’t be afraid to bet on a large mirror, preferably a mirror design that matches the stay and is also fashionable. If you have a small room you want to add depth to, a full body mirror is your best alternative.

You will be able to see that by placing a large mirror against the wall. Without hangers or feet, simply place a large mirror with an elegant frame supported by the main wall of the room. This way you will create a great amplitude, in addition to giving the place an undeniable romantic touch. They are also useful in narrow aisles of the house, which in appearance contribute nothing and are difficult to decorate. Placing a large mirror there will totally change that perception and all the attention will be on it.

Image: SPAULDING MIRROR, $1,950.00

gallery wall decorating with mirror

Mirrors as part of gallery

Another very original idea that is increasingly used among young married couples is to treat mirrors as decorative units within the same wall gallery.

For example, if you like illustrations with rustic frames and have some walls decorated with them, dare to introduce several mirrors to complement that wall. It will be enough to use similar frames for the mirrors and to place them to one or the other of the illustrations. As if everything were part of the same collection of pictures.

Without a doubt, it is a modern option that will fill your home with personality.

Image: @daily_sleeper

mint small living room feels bigger with country window mirror

The style always makes the difference

The appearance of a space will largely depend on the style with which it is decorated. It won’t make us feel the same going into a totally white room, full of light-toned wooden furniture and lace tablecloths! Compared to as if we went into another room with saturated colors and metal furniture, right? Well, so will the mirrors. They have to go in harmony with the environment. And if possible, apply a touch of contrast and distinction that balances all the elements.

For example we can place a mirror without frame, totally naked and polished in the center of a large living room. We will be transmitting elegance, sobriety and distinction. But on the other hand, if we want to create an intimate and thoughtful space, we can place a small mirror with a vintage-style golden frame that enhances that feeling of intimacy, typical of a room or a vanity.

Fringed Mirror entry wall decorating idea

The placement

This is a more technical aspect within decorating walls with mirrors, but it is not for that reason less important. Sometimes, a beautiful design mirror and also very expensive can be a real failure. Especially if we do not know how to place it. Height and reflection will always be the key. Unlike art paintings that always have to be at eye level, mirrors do not always meet this standard.

There are mirrors that obviously have to be at a height that allow us to observe our reflection. It’s true, but most of the time they should be at a height that allows them to capture as much light as possible. While also providing a sense of space by reflecting outside areas.

Image: Trisha Spouse / hunker

living room wall decoration with five round rattan mirrors

Round compositions

Round wall mirrors, a valid option for any period and style. The rounded shapes have proven to be a very versatile option, bringing harmony and elegance wherever you put them. In addition, round shapes always give us more options to give free rein to creativity. Thus, being able to create funny compositions on a wall that before did not tell you anything.

Simply place five or six round mirrors, each of a different size but sharing the same frame, and you will get a beautiful glass mural whose meaning will vary depending on its reflection. Despite being considered an outdated design, any large-format round mirror will bring a touch of elegance and distinction to the room. Certainly a successful choice no matter what our style.

Image: mi casa revista

rectangular decorating wall mirror with golden frame above a Fireplace

Geometric shapes

Possibly, when you consider the choice of a mirror, the most common is that you think of rectangular mirror frame, round or with curled edges, but the truth is that there are many more options. The key is to be able to combine all elements well, at the same time that we bet on something much more innovative and only suitable for more modern decorations that like to bet big.

We are talking about mirrors with geometric patterns, certainly a choice that will fall in love with some and horrify others. It all depends on the person. But the truth is that a large mirror with a gold geometric frame and metallic reflections doesn’t sound so bad, right? It all depends on the environment.

large round mirror without frame entryway as a wall decorating idea

Hanging mirrors, why not?

Sometimes a mirror doesn’t have to reflect anything, it doesn’t even have to attract attention. Sometimes, a set of small custom-made mirrors, whose main function is to hang at a key point in the house, can also be your destination.

Use the mirrors as if we were looking for a merely decorative element. Something that brings to the house a fair touch of elegance, but without having to obscure the rest of the elements. On this occasion, hanging mirrors would work very well as entryway mirrors. It would be a way to confirm that the expression of less is more also valid for decorating with mirrors.

Image: Blackband Design

In conclusion, if what you needed a good reason to start decorating walls with mirrors, here it is. Mirror decorating is becoming more and more popular in interior decor, either because of its multiple design options or because of the number of features it can have, a wall full of mirrors can become your best ally.

Don’t hesitate any more!

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