A Thoughtfully-Curated Downtown Detroit Hotel

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Discover the true spirit of Detroit at Shinola Hotel. It has a timeless sense of style, approachable service, and an obsession with quality craftsmanship. Truly, our luxury hotel is for living and sharing in good times with great company.

Shinola Hotel: a Detroit hotel full of inspiration

The city of Detroit is rich with history and the Shinola Hotel property is no exception. Over the years, the current Shinola Hotel property housed many retailers. Some of them were Liggett’s Drug Store, Lloyd’s Furs, Sally Frocks and the Meyer Jewelry Company – the Meyer Treasure Chest of Jewels.  

And now, more than a century later, Shinola and Bedrock honor the era of quality craftsmanship and pride of work.

Experience Shinola Hotel, where luxury is an enjoyable design. In fact, nothing is too precious. The hotel rooms have a residential feel with hardwood flooring, curated amenities, and cozy mid-century modern furniture. Actually, this was built to age gracefully. Also, the earthy tones create a calming atmosphere. In the meanwhile loft-style windows provide plenty of natural light and views of the city. There are subtle variations in room layouts throughout the Shinola hotel, providing a sense of character and place. 

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