A Dream Home Office For a Writer

Are you a writer? Or do you like having a place of your own where you can easily concentrate? Then this home office for writers – or not – is for you. It os one of those special cases of home offices that you should take a look at.

As you have already noticed it is not downtown in the concrete jungle. On the contrary it is near nature, with plenty of greenery all around that helps the mind unwind. It’s perfect for inspiration and here is what you should know about it.

The perks of a home office for writers

Designed by Harrison Design as a home office for a writer, this 400-sq. ft. studio is an ideal retreat for quiet contemplation. Folding glass doors open to give it a strong connection to the outdoors. An angled roofline and upper windows enhance the sense of space. The use of organic materials warms the modern aesthetic, with a cedar ceiling and floor made from reclaimed whiskey barrels. Inside two columns of bookcases roll open to reveal a half-bath and storage area. On the rear, a terrace is cut out of the roofline.

Dream Home Office For a Writer 2
panoramic view via an interior with window walls
interior with exposedd beams and panoramic outdoor view

You can switch places instantly and still have this amazing outdoor view. This is one of the biggest assets of this particular example. AFter all, isn’t the things we look at that inspire us the most? How many times have you sat in a place just because the view was good? And still wanted to sit somewhere alse because you got tired of it, sitting there again and again?

Well this will solve all your worries on the matter. The panoramic view through the windows wll leave you spoilt for choice as to where to sit.

Pro tip: Psychology says that if you switch places every time you create something, it is easier for the mind to be more productive. Nice!

big bookcase with many books and a secret bathroom behind it

Rolled open, the gunmetal bookcase reveals a half bathroom. Although being a small space, it is still enough for the writing journey of yours. Or for the journey of complete relaxation and inspiration.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place like that near your home? Where you could acually get off things, people and enjoy some isolation for creating things? You can even use it as a working space, we assure you. An exterior like that that can be esily seen from the huge windows will help you be more productive.

A home office for writers, ladies and gentlemen! We hope you liked it!

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  1. Melina, I just came across your site and wonderful ‘Home Office for Writers.’ I have long imagined such a space, and could easily step in. And yes, this lady like it. Well done!

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