Warm Friendly and Modern Interiors That Tell A Story

Kelsey McGregor is an award-winning, full-service interior designer that specializes in creating inspiring and livable modern interiors. These designs harmonically marry beauty and function. With a reputation as one of the leading home design and styling experts in Oklahoma, clients love Kelsey. Mainly because of her ability to create a genuine sense of ease. Always with her personable, approachable style! Creating a stunning interior is the goal – but making the journey along the way pleasant, fun and interesting is what Kelsey is famous for. She is referred to by many of her clients as “pure magic”.  One client said, “Kelsey made a process I was dreading actually fun and enjoyable!  What can I redo next!?”.

Here’s what modern interiors should look like

Modern designs can help refresh your home instantly. However, these home interiors are not the only ones you might consider. Recreating your home is not an easy job, so you might want to examine several styles. Feel free to check out these instances and so many others that Decoholic provides you with!

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