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The Amazing Beauty Of An Ancient Hamlet

Corte della Maestà Civita di Bagnoregio, has no equals. Because some places are quite simply unique. And because there are beauties that need no explaining. Civita di Bagnoregio is close to all the major Tuscan and Umbrian cities of art. Living in these places is priceless. Imagining them doesn’t suffice, you must experience them....

Parilio Luxury Hotel in Paros Greece

Characterized by secluded, pine-fringed coves and white-washed fishing villages, Paros is a place where unspoiled natural beauty and the slowed rhythms of Cycladic life prevails. A gateway to the real Cyclades, the island embodies an authentic Greek experience. (more…)

Pure and Bohemian Ambience In The Sand Villas

A welcoming respite and Lasithi’s capital, Agios Nikolaos is the perfect destination for those who want to get lost in the history and beauty of Crete. The Sand Villas are located only 2Km away from Agios Nikolaos center, in Almyros Beach. The most famous awarded sandy beach the area, with shallow...

The Rugged Indelible Beauty of Mani

There is something reassuringly solid, yet disarmingly contradictory about Mani. This entire southern Peloponnese region just out into the Mediterranean, almost achingly yearning to break free, capturing soul and mind with its untamed, indelible beauty and undeniable allure. The snow-capped peaks of Mount Taygetus, the austere local architecture with the...

Kalesma In Mykonos: Modernism With The Local Tradition

Kalesma is the fruit of a stitchless collaboration between K-Studio, Studio Bonarchi in interior design and styling and the hotel owners, that binds modernism with the local tradition, reinventing mykonian hospitality by proposing a laid-back experience of island living. Kalesma is not really a hotel. It is a village, in the traditional...

Stunning Wooden Cottages Above The Clouds

Eco House Merisi

Eco House Merisi is a new eco-style hotel located in the highland Adjara,50 km from Batumi, with stunning panoramic views. Eco House Merisi offers two boutique cottages, each offering stunning views over village Merisi. The two cottages, named Katie and Emily, provide panoramic views, a jacuzzi and a hammock on...

Wooden Dream On The Beach

If you are a fan of a nature and you like to be a part of the environment during the holidays, then the wooden studio apartments are the right choice. Here we will describe one such Airbnb wooden studio that you can get for yourself. (more…)