50 Colorful Living Room Ideas

So many combinations and possible results when we are taking about colorful living rooms, right? Well, that’s true, but with the right consulting and state of mind you can do wonders with some or plenty colors.

Wait, “the right state of mind”? What do we mean by that?

Well for any home decor style and idea, you will have to set your mind free. And let the imagination work its magic to help you create an indoor oasis. Only this way will you be able to create the perfect result for your case!


As for the consulting part, this is up to us! We will constantly give you advice, tips and tricks to implement to your home decor in order to do it right. And not only in living room ideas, but in literally everything related to the decoration of your home.

But let’s stick to today’s topic for now. Do you like using colors in your home decor? Well that is quite a big deal. More often than not people use colors the wrong way when it comes to home decoration. It is truly debatable on which combinations are the most proper ones. Do you seem to feel lost about making these kind of decisions? Get the inspiration you need with 50 ideas for a colorful living room.

Colorful living room ideas to get you inspired

So, what are the best combinations and ideas you can use for having a living room full of color without overdoing it? Keep reading and you will find out!

Several colors in furniture

To start with this style, you can place sofas and armchairs of different colors in your living room. For example, see how perfectly the yellow sofa in this case matches the orange and turquoise shades of the armchairs. To have some harmony, you can notice the detail of a round carpet that belongs to the same shade as the armchair. The vibe you get as soon as you enter a room like this is difinitely youthful and full of energy.

colorful living rooms ideas

You can also play it up with milder tones like turquoise and light grey. Pastel shades are perfect for those who don’t like bold colors that much but still love the idea of some energy in the living room.

colorful living rooms 3 ideas

Chartreuse color and a photographic works of Massimo Vitali. This is a beautiful example that stands out for its photography as well.

Focus on statement furniture

color blocking in living room

Instead of placing several furniture pieces of calm shades or even bold ones, you can do this. Choose some statement pieces, with many patterns and prints all over them. They will be the focal point of your living room, the part that people will mostly pay attention to.

colorful living room with vintage wall art decor

The coffee table can also join this pattern as well. From the above example, you can see how many different colors and patterns pair with the rest of the living room to create a colorful paradise.

purple and green colors

Another option is to have a bold color on only one piece of furniture, like here. The ottoman is the focal point in this case as it distinguishes from all the rest easily. It is quite eye-catching and definitely grabs the attention as you enter this living room.

Go for a neutral background

Wait, aren’t we talking about coloful living rooms here? Then why are we even mentioning neutral in this case?

Actually, neutral colors can be very useful and effective in colorful decor. You can use them as your background canvas and then layer every other color you want with the rest of your living room elements. For example here you can see how this idea is perfectly implemented. The neutral wall color gives you unlimited options as to which colors to choose and which parts to focus on. This is beautiful home decor that places the chartreuse chairs at its core.

colorful living room with Chartreuse chairs

Whatever the case and personal preferences, these interior design ideas for colorful living rooms are amazing! The atmosphere they create is warm and extra friendly, making it cozy for home owners and guests alike. You can play with a monochromatic canvas like the floor or the walls. And then add some extra colors with furnishing or decorative stuff.

clolorful living rooms 13 ideas
colorful living rooms 24 ideas
colorful pillows and pin rug in living room

Colorful pillows and a rug in pink color creates an amazing scheme in this living room. The background is neutral as always, as you can see. Does it seem dull? Of course not! So neutral is still a way to go when it comes to colorful living rooms, remember that!

Or choose neutral furniture pieces

You can go the other way round as well. Choose neutral colors for furniture and play it up with colorful details on the walls and decoratives. Either way the result will be amazing, actually, but let’s see how this will look like.

country colorful living rooms

Colorful living rooms like this are still great. Do you see the white sofa and stands on both sides? They are of a neutral shade allowing you to place any color you want in the rest of the room. Here, the idea represents placing colorful pillows and decorative stuff on your wall to spice it up a little bit. Still, this is subtle. There are even more other cases you can take inspiration from.

pink colorful living room

Like in this one, for instance. The colors here are bolder and more eye-catching. If this is what you are looking for related to colorful living rooms, then you should go for it!

Deep colors on the walls

What about having something even more special and noticeable? Yes, that’s right! Bold colors on the walls is an ideal way to achieve this. As you can see, deep blue is dominant in this living room. It encompasses the rest of the elements in a beautiful way, thus making it extra cozy and firendly.

deep blue wall in colorful living room

Another example is this. A living room by Patricia Urquiola. It is full of colors, amazingly giving you a refreshing and relaxing feeling. The big photo on the right also offers the space openness and serves for breaking the monotony of the deep colored wall.

colorful living room by Patricia Urquiola
colorful floral living rooms 2 ideas

The same shades

For colorful living rooms that amaze, a general rule of thumb is to stick to the same shades. Careful here. We are not talking about the exact same colors but rather, the same shades. An illuminating example is the one that follows.

coral colorful living room

This is a coral, fresh and inviting living room. Notice that peachy shades are dominant in this case, with brown and pink popping up in some spots. The basic colors here do not surpass the magic number of three, as interior designers would say. And they create relaxing atmosphere that anyone would love.

shades of blue and grey

Another option is to opt for colder tones like in this example above. Different shades of blue are visible, along with shades of grey that spice up the monotony and combine well with the rest.

Combine anything

Who said that you can’t do that? Even in such cases, the living room can look very inviting and pleasing to the eye, as long as it contains your favourite pieces. And they are placed in the right place.

bohemian colorful living room designs

Like in the example of this bohemian colorful decorated living room!

modern bohemian colorful living rooms ideas

Or in this modern bohemian design full of colors that fill the space with energy and happiness.

bold colors and patterns in living room

Pools of cheerful color sing against the neutral background of this living room. Note: This is a Rita Konig-decorated living room.

colorful living rooms 22 ideas

The colors make the design look stunning! Whether your living room is big or small, in any case it makes the room modern and more inviting. You can either use colors in furniture or the walls. Either way your house will be transformed into a colorful nest everyone will want to be in!

home decor with different patterns

Use colorful patterns

colorful floral living rooms ideas

Great colors and floral, spring style creates an amazing living room here. Patterns on the curtains, in pillows and armchairs give a vintage style. On the other hand colorful butterflies are visible on the wall as a painting which adds even more energy to the atmosphere.

colorful living rooms 11 ideas

Some vintage wall art decor in combination with bold and bright colors. The patterns give the living room a more modern touch and vibe. It is definitely something worth trying.

blue and yellow colorful living rooms

You can even choose your patterns to be in small details such as the pillows. This coastal style over here is beautiful and resembles the feeling of relaxation on the beach.

blue and yellow colorful living room 15 ideas

Also patterns used in pillows. Another point worth mentioning here is the yellows details that match the central piece. The sprinkles of your favourite colors is key in this case. Use it wisely.

colorful living rooms 27 ideas
colorful living rooms 26 ideas
colorful living rooms 31 ideas

Striped also work well. The give your living room motion and make it look vivacious.

fuchsia and green colors in living room
light colors in living room

Have you ever thought of wallpapers? They come into different styles and colors so that you find the right one for you. We totally approve it!

Some final words

Colorful ideas are great! Adding color to a living room is definitely a fantastic and smart way to give it a new lease of life. With these examples, you will most likely want to have a living room like this. The colors are bright, some of them bolder, but anyhow they can make any living room look completely different!

As you saw you can really choose anything you want. Just let your imagination flow and everything else will become much easier. Do you already have a colorful living room? Let us know in the comments about something you have used and worked. Or if you don’t, voice your thoughts on these ideas! Happy decorating!

colorful living room with plates on the wall

A DIY plate wall idea.

coloful living room 21 interior ideas

colorful living rooms 25 ideas

colorful living rooms 28 ideas

colorful living rooms 29 ideas

colorful living rooms 30 ideas

red wall with face painted

light colored wall

green and lilac colors in living room

colorful curtains and carpet

patterns in living room decor

bold colors in furniture

vintage style armchairs

pastel and velvet sofas and armchairs

minimal living room decor with colors

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