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How To Create An Elegant Space In A Small Living Room

small elegant living room

If you want an elegant look, but doubt that it’s possible in your small living room space, see if these 10 tips of ways to make your small living room look elegant will work for you.


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1. If you want to add drapes to your small living space, choose a color that match the walls to avoid too much contrast. To add an elegant touch, take your curtains to the ceiling. It doesn’t matter if you use blinds, drapes, or curtains, window treatments are a sure way to create an elegant setting.

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2. Natural light “naturally” opens up a space while also creating an elegant glow.

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3. Believe it or not, painting your walls a darker shade can make your walls practically invisible and create instance elegance. If you are the daredevil type, try a bold elegant wallpaper, it will draw attention away from the room size and maintain the room’s elegant appearance.

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4. If your small living room space is narrow, place your sofa against the wall and leave more space in the center of the room. Select a sofa in an elegant color like beige, black, or dark blue.

Image: The House Hotel

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5. If you are lucky enough to have large windows with a striking view, bring those natural shades inside your living room to merge the outside with the inside, thereby increasing the space and creating an elegant natural ambiance.

Image: Bjurfors

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6. Sophisticated furniture like accent chairs and sofas that are raised on legs create more space. Be sure to take into consideration the texture, pattern, and color of your furniture in order not to take away from the elegant style you are trying to create.

Image: NZ House & Garden

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7. Creating an elegant style in a small living room space includes keeping the area uncluttered, which means getting rid of furniture pieces that do not complement to the elegant design of your living room décor. Get rid of any piece of furniture that takes away from the setting you want to create.

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8. Popular ways to create an elegant look and expand the space of your living room at the same time is with light and neutral colors. These shades are uncomplicated space extenders and offer a neutral backdrop for extras like accent chairs, wall art, and unique lighting.

Image: BD

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9. Elegant looks in small living room spaces are simple when you combine plain colors with a unique patterned piece. For example, a simple blue sofa will work well with a patterned accent rug with bits of blue hues integrated into the design.

Image: Phoebe Howard

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10. Mirrors work wonders. They add light, extend space, and create that lovely touch of elegance you are trying to achieve. A long, rectangular shaped mirror looks fantastic if you can fit it into your space.

Image: The Design Co.


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