26 Coastal Living Room Ideas: Give Your Living Room An Awe-inspiring Look

Coastal Living Room Idea

Ever wondered what makes some beach homes look so breathtaking? It is because they are well decorated to give that oceanic ambiance that anyone would wish for. If you live in a coastal home and you are wondering how to beautify your living room, here are some coastal living room ideas you can adopt.

Accessories for your coastal living room

Some accessories to add to your living room are starfish or a bowl of shells. Paintings of the ocean or sandy beaches can also add some flair to the room. If you browse home decoration stores, you may even find small lamps that may feature coastal designs that include shells, starfish or other beach inspired scenery. The adventurous beach goer may want scenes that involve surfing or other sports that are usually performed at the beach.

The animals who live at the beach can also provide inspiration. Sea life such as dolphins, seagulls and crabs are among the first animals that usually come to mind. The walls in a room can be decorated with photos of dolphins or birds flying across the sky. For a comedic approach, there can always be little crab statues or other accessories that can sit on a shelf or table. Even photographs of marine animals can be a beautiful addition to any living room.

Another beautiful aspect to add for coastal living room decor is ocean sunsets. Sunsets usually offer an array of beautiful colors that paint across the sky and reflect off the water. A sunset can create a serene feeling that makes one feel at peace.

To tickle one’s senses, candles that have smells that are similar to the coast or the beach could make living room decor come alive too. Find candles that have hues of blues, greens and tans. The scents can make one feel as if they are relaxing on the shores. Candles often give off a relaxing vibe for a peaceful setting.

Photo gallery of beach style home decor

image: Starfish Cottage

living room in coastal style

source: Robb & Stucky

white sofas with blue pillows and curtains

image:  Juxtaposed Interiors

beige sofa and turquoise decorations

photo: pier1

beige sofa with some beautiful pillows on it

image: Sita Montgomery Interiors

wooden table with drawers

idea: Blesser House

beach style fireplace

image: emodelandolacasa

white sofas and blue decorative pillows

photo: S.B. Long Interiors

Coastal Living Room Idea 10

image: Hanley Development

Coastal Living Room Idea 11

picture: apartment therapy

Coastal Living Room Idea 12

image: adventures in decorating

Coastal Living Room Idea 13

idea: Dove Studio

Coastal Living Room Idea 14

image: Artisan Signature Homes

Coastal Living Room Idea 15

Coastal Living Room Idea 16

Coastal Living Room Idea 18

source: Pottery Barn

Coastal Living Room Idea 19


Coastal Living Room Idea 20

picture: Alexandra Rae Design

Coastal Living Room Idea 21

Coastal Living Room Idea 22Coastal Living Room Idea 23

image: Country Living

Coastal Living Room Idea 24

photo: Coastal Style

Coastal Living Room Idea 25

image: Alexandra Rae Interior Design

mint green curtains and pillows with beige sofas

image:Birch Lane

If you want your coastal living room to feel like your favorite beach retreat, you can use some of these ideas for inspiration. Home should always be a place to relax at. By adding these coastal living room ideas, a room can feel like a mini vacation to get away from the stress that may enter our lives every now and then.

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