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Ideas To Help You Add Special Touches To Your Family Room

Family Room ideas

A family room is considered the informal part of the house. But what is a family room? It’s similar to a living room and is used for family and friend get-togethers for chats, games, watching TV, reading, and other family activities. Most family room ideas include casual decoration with furnishings and objects that can stand a bit of wear and tear.

In some homes, floor plans that consists of a living room and family room combined into a single huge area is known as a “great room.” However, just because the family room is the more casual and probably the most used room of the home, you can still keep it stylish and interesting. Below are some interesting family room ideas that are sure to add some style to a casual family room setting.

Family room ideas for comfy interiors

As you can imagine, a family room space should be cozy, comfortable, inviting yet stylish at the same time. It is the place where all family members and friends come to unwind from a long day at work. Or during the weekends when people want to have some quality family time together. The design of a room like this should be just as custom as you can imagine. Ranging from the selected hue, to furniture pieces like an ottoman or cushions, this space should represent the right vibe. Are you wondering how you can achieve something like this?

Then keep on reading to find out.

bean bags as family room ideas

Bean Bags for the family room

Bean Bags or poufs. Yes, this is something you should opt for. They make your space look warm and very inviting. Made of soft fabrics or even leather they will make the room look completely different. It will be the ultimate modern touch you want to have!

dark furniture and a fireplace

Do not have a media center as focal point

If you have children, provide a play area for them instead. If the room is large enough place an adult game table in the room as well. Do you prefer carpeting in your family room? Then make sure to select a dark color and that it can withstand heavy foot traffic. After all you are going to spend a lot of time in that room, so invest some time and money in making it warm and appropriate.

pops of color in family room ideas

Include pops of color

Vivid tones appeal to adults and kids alike. They make that part of your home playful and beautiful. Choose your favourite color palette and use it in spots like cushions, wall, frames, even furniture. A mix of patterns gives the space a chic energy, too.

Tip: Be sure to include durable fabrics that can take heavy everyday wear and tear.

wall art as family room ideas

Family room walls with different types of art

Art makes the world better. So rest assured that it will make any family room ideas look fantastic. Whether it’s paints, posters, drawings, sculptures, or group of family photos, this is a go-to. The custom touch here will make your family room be a favourite place to spend time in.

Have a snack corner

This is probably quite obvious, still worth mentioning. A snack nook is great and really useful in a family room. When you all have gathered to watch a movie or a documentary, you might get hungry. Why interrupt the satisfying activity of spending time in the family room and head to the dining room? The corner will allow you to casually snack and stay in the same room.

room full of furniture and exposed beams

Expand spaces that encourage family groupings

For example, parents can be active in the kitchen while the kids hangout in the family room. There is no need to make the areas different from each other. Create a theme whether it’s color or furnishings that connects the décor of the two rooms.

buskets on the wall for storage space

Create a storage area

A family room usually has lots of bits and pieces lying around at one time or another. You can store small objects like pencils, paper, and batteries, along with an area for storage of kids’ books and toys. You might want to be sure you have a space for Fido’s bed and toys as well if you have a pet.

white interior with bookcase and many photo frames

A mix of patterns and cool colors

This will give the family room a designer chic feel. By using durable fabrics like washable slipcovers for furnishings, you won’t have to worry about ruining fabrics and interrupting the flow of your décor.

Dark and bright contrast

Contrasts are great in home decor. They make the space more interesting and add intimacy. You can choose some dark themed walls for the family room and bright it up with some bright colored furniture. This eye-catching design will definitely make your interior look stunning. Choose your favourite colors and off you go!

cozy cushions and throws

Fluffy and comfy sofas & cushions are a must

Having fluffy sofa and armchair throws will completely transform your family room. They add coziness and make the space look warm, whatever the hue.

As for the furniture, pile them high with lots of pillows and let family and guest get relaxed while sitting and enjoying the togetherness of family and friends.

small home office corner

Create a small home office into your family room

Why not? If your home’s design is limited or you don’t have an office room, this is a good way to combine things. Plus, you won’t have to be separated from the rest of the family or guests when you should check that important email you just received.

brown sofa bunk bed

What about a sofa bunk bed?

You need just a few seconds to transform that sofa to a bunk bed with a built-in ladder and an embedded guard rail protection! You can find some good ideas here!

Choose minimal

Minimal is still something you can use in a family room as well. If you are particularly interested in such styles, then go ahead and try it. To make it fancier for children, though, or your friends, add some fancy furniture. Like a statement bold colored table or armchairs.

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