How A Statement Armchair Can Change Your Whole Living Room Style

If you’re curious about how a single statement armchair can change your living room’s aesthetic, continue reading! Here you will discover a few reasons why you can’t go wrong with a statement armchair for your living room. You can gain valuable design inspiration from a statement armchair that will transform your place entirely!

Ideas for using a statement armchair

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pink velvet classic armchair
  • You can select a statement armchair which boasts a unique texture

One effortless way to change the style of your living room is to add varied textures to your living room. For example, you may choose to display an armchair which offers an interesting texture such as a luxurious velvet fabric. Just imagine how glamorous your living room would look with a royal blue, velvet armchair in the corner. Alternatively, you may want to consider placing a brown leather statement chair in one corner of your living room. This is for the ones who want a more traditional touch.

  • Adding a bright statement armchair to your living room can allow you to express your unique personality

Even if the rest of your living room features muted hues, you can easily place a bright armchair in your living room. That way you will express your unique personality and your personal sense of style. As an example, if the bulk of your furniture pieces are black, white, beige or grey you may love the idea of purchasing a bright statement armchair in a bright shade such as yellow, orange or bright pink.

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  • You’ll be able to reupholster your armchair if you ever get sick of its print

One of the key reasons why this furniture option it’s a wise idea is that if you ever tire of the print or fabric which you’ve selected, you’ll be able to reupholster your chair. This will allow you to completely change the look of your chair and your living room. The best part? You can do so without having to purchase new items for your living room.


More decorating ideas for you

Hopefully, you’re now convinced of the many benefits of using a carefully selected statement chair. It is the kind of furniture that will dress up your living room and effortlessly change your living room’s aesthetic. Dare to use something a little different and not too mainstream to brighten up your place. And if you want more ideas for your home, you can check Decoholic’s full list of decorating ideas.

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