Plantillo Decorative Pillows… bring the outdoors in

nature inspired handmade decorative pillows

Turning nature photography into home decor one plant at a time! Sabine Herrmann makes these brilliant, inspired by nature (plant-shaped) decorative pillows, in her backyard studio in Berkeley, California. 

nature inspired handmade decorative pillows 2

I got the idea for Plantillo after taking a photo of an agave plant in my neighborhood. Looking at the photo on my computer screen, I was amazed by the painterly quality of the image. I wanted to display it in my home, but not in a frame. After some thought, I decided to print the image on fabric and bring it to life with my sewing machine. It looked so amazing – I knew right away that I would sew it into a plant-shaped pillow…a Plantillo!

hen I go on walks and bike rides, I make sure to bring my camera so I can capture some of the beautiful images I see along the way. I’m not looking for a perfect flower when I take a photo, because to me, a wilted leaf is part of the natural cycle and can have the most gorgeous hues. I believe imperfection adds character to an object.

Spiral Succulent decorative pillow

Spiral Succulent decorative pillow, $75.00.

Pine cone pillow

Pine cone pillow, $75.00.

Birch Tree Log pillow

Birch Tree Log pillow, $60.00

Agave Succulent decorative pillow

Agave Succulent decorative pillow, $75.00

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