How to Create Your Own Modern Contemporary Living Space

Modern Contemporary Living Space

Have you ever walked into a room and thought “Wow, this must be the absolute definition of perfection”? Well, breathtaking homes do exist and some may be right across the street from yours. Every living space has potential and yes, yours too. All that is needed is a creative mind and a touch of elegance. 

This picturesque contemporary home is a perfect example of someone’s vision brought into reality. An impressive fact about it is that it incorporates stylish household items that are also functional at the same time. This way, no space is wasted and no item unnecessarily cramps up the available space. Although a contemporary home, it has bits and pieces of traditional antiques that blend in well with the scene. This perfect marriage of styles showcases the designer’s stylish eye for detail.

The steel bookcase is an item of beauty but at the same time provides additional storage of books and files. The Victorian wall clock also adds a decorative touch to the space yet still tells time so it definitely belongs. Do you notice the stripped animal hide on the floor? It is in style at the moment and is used in place of a carpet while the fur on the couch interrupts the continuous brown color while soft to lean on.

The large windows effortlessly merge the outdoors to the indoors. You get a glimpse of what’s going on outside without actually walking out. The Swarovski chandelier elegantly dangles in the middle of the room like a cloud. The large windows are also an incredible way of allowing in more light to the space. This, paired up with the bright furnishing is a smart way of making the room appear bigger than it really is.

The bright light from the large windows and the white furnishing is artistically broken down by the brown additions on the; couch, furniture, rug, throw pillows, wooden flooring and the storage boxes. Achieving the contemporary look is all about creativity. Do you have additional tips that you think could help achieve a contemporary look? Feel free to share with other readers here.

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