22 Beautiful Bedroom Color Schemes

Color introduces character, quality, and ambiance to any area and the bedroom is no exception. Inculcate your bedroom with fresh color to give it a décor boost. Below are 22 bedroom color schemes that will sooth, uplift, and give your bedroom added style.

Awesome bedroom color schemes

Which are considered good colors for bedrooms? Well, the options are limitless. You can have different color combinations that exude the same warmth and good-feel vibe we all like. Below are some ideas you can try that make for good colors for bedrooms. Check them out and do not hesitate to comment on what is your favorite one.

Chocolate, gray, teal bedroom color palette

Dark colors won’t necessarily make a room smaller. The above color scheme creates a dark, moody, sensual ambiance. If you want to get more inspiration about this style, you can check out teal bedroom decor ideas all in one article!

 Navy blue with coral bedroom color combination

Navy with coral

These two colors balance out each other and will give your bedroom a chic, stylish tone.

This combination works perfectly with heavier furniture in dark wood and metallic details. It can transform a more antique looking bedroom by adding a modern but still warm style to it.

pastel hues bedroom colors

Pastel hues

A pastel color scheme is soothing and creates a restful, tranquil ambiance in any bedroom.

Don’t be afraid to mix pastel colors to create your own unique palette. A more neutral or muted background will allow the gentle tones of your pastel color scheme to pop.

Some ideas for pastel color schemes: Peppermint works beautifully with lilac. Pink and yellow work well together. Blue, yellow and purple is always a safe choice.

Choose the base color first (blue, pink, purple, green, gray), then use the colours you prefer to build on the base color, add accents and create dreamlike combinations.

mustard with purple bedroom color scheme

Mustard with purple

This bright color bedroom scheme is not for the fainthearted. It works best in accent pieces like pillows, throws, and area rug. It’s great for a kids’ room too.

It certainly creates an atmosphere of luxury and passion. You can incorporate some oriental elements to your design, such as patterns, shapes and accessories. Complete the idilic picture by adding candles or incense burners.

indigo with white bedroom color combination

Indigo with white bedroom color schemes

Indigo is a mystifying hue. It works beautifully with white but is best used as the accent color. However, if you can stand dark walls, paint your bedroom walls in indigo and wrap your bed in indigo/white linens. After all, bedrooms with white furniture are amazing and quite soothing especially when combined with this indigo hue.

black and white bedroom color scheme

Black with white

No two colors are as famous together as black and white. If you love timeless decor, this is the color scheme to use. You can find this black and white set here. Although most of the furniture here is dark shaded, you can still opt for white duvet covers that will create the impression of a bedroom with white furniture. It is a great idea if you already have too much dark in the bedroom and want to break the dominance of that color.

Bedrooms with gray and white color schemes

yellow and grey bedroom

Yellow and Grey Bedroom

All of these colors work well together or in combination of two. For example, gray and black works well together, and so does white and yellow. The combo of great and white in bedroom is a very special feature to use. A bedroom with grey walls has something to say and constitutes a very stylish decor! Dare to try this out!

A yellow and grey bedroom was, is and will be of modern touch. This color blocking creates a great atmosphere in your room. You can have yellow details all around like pillows or blankets. Or you can play with other parts as well like some yellow furniture. Whatever the case, having a yellow and grey bedroom is something that people will be jealous of. Relaxing, beautiful and above all cozy and warm are some of its features.

Tip: You can add some white details like a white curtain and white lamps or pictures on the wall. It’s a color that will boost the rest of the room and create inviting atmosphere.

gray cream purple bedroom color scheme

Gray, cream and purple

The most versatile shade in this group is purple. Purple can be lavender, plum, mauve, or lilac. Again, shades of white and gray perfectly combine together for an amazing gray bedroom with colorful details! Notice that in this case you can also play it up with some white bedroom rug. In this example this one is quite fluffy and modern, thus giving the room a great cozy vibe.

Purple adds a sense of luxury to your bedroom. Try it in different fabrics and material, like silk, cotton, linen, metal and glass. Purple textures can really bring a more muted background palette to life, while adding some of your personality to the room.

yellow and grey bedroom

Mustard, black, cream and gray

This unique color scheme can be used in many combinations. For example, one wall can include all four hues in stripes or huge circles. Or you can have a bedroom with grey walls and other colors for decor.

This is an option for those who love a bold bedroom color combination. It’s definitely a statement color choice for the bedroom. Mustard adds wonderful vibrant notes without being too loud. It can help you make a room with less natural light feel brighter and bigger.

 gray and white bedroom

Gray with white

This classic combo would look great in stripes on one wall or throughout the room. The stylish atmosphere will give your room a pleasant tone. With this bedroom with gray walls, you will want to be in bed all day long!

Also the white furniture is something to be jealous of! White armchairs and white pillows are some of these examples that create a gorgeous effect. Try this out and you will love it!

Love this gray contemporary rug! You can find it here and the wall mirrors here. Interior design by Maison Market

gray white tan bedroom color combo

Gray, white, and tan

This somewhat muted, neutral color combination is ideal for bedrooms with casual, classic décor.

The effect is a dreamlike bedroom which appears peaceful and clean. This combination also works well with brass or golden accents, and pastel shades of blue or green.

Interior design by Morgan Harrison.

dark gray with brown bedroom color scheme

Dark gray with brown

Tempered with decorative linen or the right wall decorations, this bedroom color scheme can be easily brightened up. What really helps up in this though is that it belongs to those bedrooms with white furniture. White elements make the space look brighter. In this example, you can notice the white door frame that stands out. Also, the white windows and floor lamp as well as the duvet cover are good additions to the overall decor.

Image: alise o’brien photography

gray with orange bedroom lcolor scheme

Gray with orange

Orange completely dominates gray in any color scheme. Light grey walls with grey and orange linen and other accents look fantastic.

Orange is vibrant, fun and youthful. Used as a bedroom color, it can really create modern and eclectic designs, but also bring some vibrant touches to a more traditional interior.

Gray and orange is a match made in heaven, offering endless combinations. For a more dramatic palette you can use a cooler gray shade. You can also try different hues of orange, depending on your preference. Warmer tones combined together can be excellent for a more traditional bedroom with heavier furniture. Try more vibrant hues of orange for a more contemporary take, which can be perfect for teen bedroom.

Bed west elm

red pink gray bedroom color scheme

Red, pink and gray

This romantic color scheme creates a sensual ambiance. We also have some other gray bedroom ideas you might like with or without other colors combined!

Red and pink combined can also create a more casual atmosphere, and make the bedroom look more lively. Add some drama with luxurious fabrics or tone it down with patterns and lighter textiles like linen. Accessories in glass or transparent plastic can also help you move the design to your preferred direction.

Special combinations with special colors

black white yellow lime bedroom color scheme

Black white and yellow-lime

Black and white on its own is classic. Adding a yellow-lime hue creates an art deco feel. If you want your bedroom to look posh, choose this color combination. No one could deny that they are good colors for bedrooms! Still in this case white furniture is visible, on the lamp, even bed (with stripes) and pillows.

turquoise purple bedroom color scheme

Turquoise with purple

This combination looks fab. Why not give it a go?

Turquoise, also known as teal, is another statement color that dominates a space with its vibrant, yet elegant tones. Matched with purple, it creates a darker interior which however remains modern and fresh. Try it with metallic or gold accessories which can interrupt the heavier colour palette. Depending on the tones of purple and turquoise you choose, this palette can create a more vintage 70s aesthetic. The choice is yours!

Photograph by Emma Lee

white sand with silver bedroom color scheme

White sand with silver

A beautiful combination for an older or younger couple.

If your choice is elegant glamour, then this is the colour combination for you. The bedroom still looks comfy, practical and clean. However, more sparkling silver tones and accessories can really bring out the glamour. Try it on pillows, frames, bedding or lamps. Aiming for a less understated design? Then try a wallpaper with shiny silver details.

white gold and beige bedroom color scheme

Bedrooms with white furniture, gold and beige

A perfect bedroom color scheme that is majestic and elegant. Works great as a guest room color combo. The furniture in different shades spices it up and makes the room look chic. The elegant aesthetics of white furniture paired with gold colors is just amazing.

black brown white green bedroom color scheme

Black, brown, white and green

If you own a beach house or a log-cabin styled home, this combination would be splendid as a bedroom color palette.

Designed by George Marrone for the Better Homes and Gardens Home Improvement Challenge contest.

white aqua fushcia lime bedroom color scheme

White bedroom with pops of aqua, fuchsia and lime

A bright, welcoming fun color combination. It’s great for a beach house or kids’ bedroom.

This is definitely a brighter, bolder palette for the lovers of colour. Against a white or cream background, these eye popping colors create a youthful and joyful look. Try floral patterns or stripes and add some fun with textured material and unusual accessories. Embrace the rainbow!

tiffani blue black and white bedroom color scheme

Tiffany blue, black and white bedroom color palette

This luscious color scheme is as chic as it gets with a bit of sophistication. The white furniture creates harmony and freshness when combined with the beautiful and chic Tiffany blue color.

yellow with orange bedroom colors

Yellow with orange

I love this color scheme for bedroom. There’s something inherently happy about the combination of orange and yellow. They are definitely some good colors for bedroom!

Image: ‘Titian’ Quilt

Which bedroom color schemes are your favorite? Is it black and white? Is it a bedroom with grey walls? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments below. And if colors are not what you are looking for, you can also read about other Bedroom Ideas!

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