This Dream Traditional House Is The Best Airbnb Rental In Crete Greece

Do you want to see what a Mediterranean house looks like? Then you can take a look at this incredible Airbnb rental country home in Crete, Greece. When it comes to the materials of this beautiful indigenous house, they are characteristic of the Mediterranean – stone for floors and walls, wood for furniture. In addition to white and stone walls, windows, doors, and railings are often blue. Hint: Blue represents the sea.

A house with Mediterranean inflences

The best Airbnb Greece named Drossia Palms House-Old Town, has a ground floor consisting of a kitchen and a living room. Then there is a first floor, which has a master bedroom and a bathroom (shower). The two floors connect to each other with a wooden staircase. From the master bedroom, you can step out on a balcony and have a cup of coffee with a splendid view. The open walk-in shower connects to the master bedroom and is simple and functional, just as it should be. An interesting detail is a sink, in the bedroom.

earth stones exposed for decor in a veranda with white elements

The house courtyard contains an enclosed space intended for socializing. It consists of a table and chairs made of wicker, which fits perfectly into the design of the best Airbnb in Crete.

inside a mediterranean house with bricks

The furniture throughout the house is practical, with simple lines. It goes for tables, chairs, and cabinets. Textiles that are applied to furniture are light and natural. Usually the silk and cotton are ideal.

white and blue chairs and table in a mediterranean house

The prevailing colors are white and soft earth tones. Only a few details are painted blue to achieve contrast.

oval mirror reflecting part of the mediterranean's house living room
teal  blue and white for greek style house

Incredibly designed chandeliers provide plenty of light through the house. The fireplace, which is the center of the living room, gives warmth to the house even when it is not burning. Carefully placed mirrors, decorate several walls. An interesting feature of mirrors is that they visually enlarge the space.

bedroom with exposed brick walls

The same rule applies to curtains – they must be bright and made of light natural materials. Curtains with bright colors will create the impression of airiness, which is an indispensable companion of the Mediterranean style.

bed with curtain
the outdoor view of the mediterranean house
white minimal shower room

The best Airbnb in Crete is a feast for eyes and soul. The soothing effect will relax everyone and provide an unforgettable stay.

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