Amazing Loft Kitchen Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

These loft kitchen designs by Violin studio are amazing! As they say, the kitchen is called the heart of every home. Apart from cooking, this room plays a much larger role. It is a place where you drink, eat, sometimes even work, etc. If you search for ideas and inspirations for decorating loft kitchens, you’re in the right place. In Vizline Studio, they create the best ideas and turn them into reality.

If there is a room where the contemporary and industrial style looks particularly good, then it is certainly a loft kitchen. Wood, metal, bricks, and concrete are a perfect alternative to the usual high-gloss white and some other loft kitchens designs.

You can also play with the loft kitchen ideas by unevenly placing ceramic tiles on the wall. Consider using leftover tiles or patterns to create a unique kitchen wall. Elements that extend throughout the wall do not take up much space visually and offer plenty of storage space.

Undoubtedly, the industrial interior style looks best in large, high-ceilinged lofts. Moreover, the modern loft kitchen design enlarges the space, making it lighter and more voluminous. Take a look at these photos below to get an idea of this specific style.

industrial Loft Kitchen Design 3
industrial Loft Kitchen Design 3
industrial Loft Kitchen Design 4
industrial Loft Kitchen Design 5
industrial Loft Kitchen Design 6
industrial Loft Kitchen Design 7
industrial Loft Kitchen Design 8
industrial Loft Kitchen Design 9
industrial Loft Kitchen Design 10
industrial Loft Kitchen Design 11
open home walls and exposed beams
dining room area near the kitchen
coastal industrial home decor

Key element for loft kitchen designs is the rustic style as you might have already noticed. The earthy color palette that dominates gives the space some seriosity. At the same time it makes the place look extremely modern and chic. Opt for something like this and notice how these kitchen ideas can transform your home decor for good!

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    absolutely stunning, thank you

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    I love to see how the environment of the kitchen responds to the natural light. This lofty kitchen designs are truly amazing. Great work Melina!

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