Happiness Mindset: 10 Small Changes for a Happier You

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Happiness depends on each one of us. We are the only ones responsible for our happiness, not the others! It is inside all of us, but it can only emerge if we allow it. Having a happiness mindset might be extremely difficult for some people. Others might attain it easily, without putting much effort. What really matters is how you look at it. Because at the end of the day, it has to do with self-improvement, so it should concern you.

Absolute happiness is not a state but rather a path. This is the path we are interested in today. Some might say that happiness is dynamic, not static. Most people wake up every day with new plans and go to sleep with the satisfaction of a busy day. This is not exactly the best way to finish it off. Instead, just before bed, we should concentrate on gratitude. What this does is facilitate a state of calm euphoria. The inner knowledge that things are progressing correctly and that you are evolving, is pure happiness!

How can you have a happiness mindset?

Undoubtedly, we’re not always aware of our inner state. To know if we are happy in our life is to ask ourselves several questions. But this is not enough. We should be able to answer them sincerely. Sometimes we need to examine our emotional state in order to recenter ourselves. If you start by practising small changes, you will achieve something bigger eventually.

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Below are 10 simple, yet effective changes to make you achieve a lasting happiness mindset:

1. Do not confine yourself

Laugh, talk and share your life with people that bring the positive and really appreciate you for what you are.

A good joke to relax the atmosphere or a hug can heal many things. Surrounding yourself with healthy people will make you feel better.

2. Do what you love

Visit museums, go hiking, stroll, paint, write, create …

Give yourself time to do what you have always loved. It will help you feel active, alive, whole and accomplished. Do not sit on your chair watching your life go by while you are involved in redundant tasks. Remember we’re here for a simple reason and that is to express our passions.

3. Enjoy the little things in life

Enjoy a coffee while watching the rain through the window, take your loved one in your arms, kiss and let the people you love know it.

All these little things that we rarely think about are in fact priceless. Discovering the pleasure of simple things is the secret to a happiness mindset.

4. Take care of your body and your mind

Disconnect from all useless technology, your computer, your iPhone, and do a little exercise to wake up your endorphins, the source of happiness. Simply put have a moment of stillness, of meditation and mindfulness every day.

In addition, taking care of your body and mind will give you a healthier, more positive image of yourself, so you enter a positive cycle of reaffirmation of your wellbeing.

5. Be altruistic

Altruism is inner happiness that can hardly be explained in simple words.

Doing things for others without expecting anything in return makes us better people, happier people! It’s easy to do, there is good to be done at every step you take. Why not go to the supermarket to buy a bag of food and offer it to a homeless person, that is struggling…

6. Learn to say “NO”

Often, we feel unhappy because we didn’t say “no” and now we got stuck in doing things we don’t like.

Happiness mindset is not about living for others. No, we don’t have an intrinsic responsibility to do other’s work. So, properly assess the action that is required from you and do it only if it also provides benefits to you too.

You mustn’t satisfy the desires of others by sacrificing your own. Reaffirm and start respecting yourself.

7. Do not give up when things are hard

Remember that no misfortune lasts forever and that life goes on. All hardship will pass and good times will ensue. The most important thing here is the way you navigate the hard times. You’ll be was happier knowing that you have overcome all obstacles. The feeling of success is very empowering. So, never back down, fight and head for the light!

8. Meditate every day

There is evidence that meditation helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. 5 minutes a day will make you happier, this is not mumbo jumbo this is studied fact.

Start little by little, then more and longer, without hurry, at your own pace. The important thing is to start and establish habits over time.

9. Listen to music

Without a doubt, music soothes the soul. People who often listen to music are happier.

Feel free to listen to music when you’re a little sad, tired, or lonely. You will feel its benefits very quickly.

10. Practice acceptance

We all need to accept the fact that some things have no solution, they are out of our control. We must focus on the things we do have control over and fight for them.

The secret here is to internalize this truth. It’s not about clinging to what you have, but to understand that everything in life is transient.

There are many things that do not depend on you. Life is very complex and we are simple beings.

The goal here is to understand the depth of each and every suggestion written above and start living by them.

Bonus tip – The present time is your best ally

What gives you pleasure?

We sometimes let ourselves be carried away by nostalgia for happy moments of the past. Or we easily imagine the world of the future. However, there are many things that the present offers us and we need to take full advantage of these small pleasures. These are the ones that create memories for the future.

Plunge into a good book, spend a whole afternoon cooking, go out for a walk and absorb all the details. Or watch a movie you’ve been wanting to see for a long time. We all find pleasure in different things. That’s why it’s important to know your own. Figuring out these things will help you know how happy you are in your life.

To indulge in any of the activities that make us feel good, to avoid being paralyzed by the problems or obstacles we face, these are the good cardinal point to guide us.

Inner peace (found in the present moment) is the recipe for happiness!

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Oh, and something to ponder upon: Inner happiness has little to do with optimism. Lasting joy comes from a true understanding of human nature. Remember that!

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    Being happy is important, meditating is important, reading the Bible and having Faith is essential…

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