This Seaside Cottage Is A Rustic Haven

Nestled by the sea in Dublin, Yvonne Purcell’s little rustic cottage (@sixat21 on Instagram) is a hidden gem. It’s a place where the charm of the old and the warmth of the sea breeze come together. This isn’t just a house; it’s a story of love and creativity, where each piece of furniture tells a tale.

Yvonne has a unique taste in decorating her home. She loves items with a history – old, worn, and chipped furniture that speaks of a life well-lived. Her home is a mix of self-made furniture, thrift store finds, and treasures from salvage yards. It’s about finding beauty in the imperfect and giving new life to forgotten pieces.

All images: @sixat21

Rustic Cottage

Rustic Kitchen


“I bought this little cabinet for €10 in a charity shop last summer and it was in the garden room. I gave it a lick of paint yesterday, and it now stores bits and bobs in the drawer for our coffee machines.”


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In her cozy kitchen, a large unit stands proudly. Crafted by Yvonne two years ago, it’s a testament to their skill and creativity. Above the coffee machine, a cup shelf, made last summer, adds a personal touch. These are not just functional items; they’re pieces of their story.

Love for Wood


Yvonne’s love for wood is evident in every corner. The small table and the mock oak beam on the fireplace, seen in the fifth photo, are her creations. She ages everything with a wire drill attachment and a mix of wood stains, giving each piece a lived-in, loved feel.


More than just a rustic cottage by the sea

Yvonne’s cottage is more than just a house by the sea. It’s a canvas where she paints her love for the old, the worn, and the rustic. Each piece of furniture has a story, a past life that Yvonne has lovingly embraced and incorporated into her home. It’s a place where the past and present mingle, creating a warm, inviting space that’s uniquely hers.



This rustic cottage is a reminder that beauty can be found in the most unexpected places. It’s not just about the furniture or the decor; it’s about the love and care put into every corner, making it a true home. Yvonne’s seaside haven is a testament to the magic of creativity and the beauty of bringing new life to old treasures.

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