Seaside New Zealand House

living room built in concrete bench

Amanda Yates’s seaside New Zealand family house. It was designed by their architect daughter,  Amanda, for their retirement,  with the knowledge that future generations of the extended family—including  Amanda, her partner, Adam Rose, and their one-year-old son, Awa—will see it as  their place now and for decades down the line.
Inspired by her academic  research into precolonial Maori structures that were partly dug into the land,  Amanda, who is also a lecturer at Wellington’s Massey University, set out to  create a building “somewhere between architecture and landscape.” This may not  sound like your average retirement pad, but David and Christine were willing  guinea pigs in their daughter’s architectural experiment. In fact, after the  trio purchased the land and set the budget for the house (about US $330,000),  David and Christine let Amanda call the shots entirely.



concrete kitchen in seaside New Zealand house

The concrete wall mimics the slope of the hill outside as a reference to early  Maori structures that were dug into the land. The simple kitchen has strandboard  cabinetry and an MDF island that conceals a fireplace at one end. The ceramic  works on the built-in seat at right are by Raewyn Atkinson and Robyn Lewis

concrete green kitchen



concrete kitchen 2 decorating ideas


concrete kitchen 3 decorating ideas

The hanging Iko Iko pendants in the kitchen add a vertical touch to a space and  help frame the views outside.

seaside New Zealand 3 house decorating ideas

The north-facing doors slide completely away to open the house to the outdoors,  offering an uninterrupted view of the water.

indooroutdoor dining room

The home’s sliding doors blur the boundaries between inside and out

seaside New Zealand house living room


concleated door in kitchen

An almost-concealed door designed as a part of the kitchen cabinetry leads to  the main bedroom and en-suite bath.
seaside New Zealand 4 house decorating ideas


seaside New Zealand 5 house decorating ideas


seaside New Zealand house bedroom


alongside architecture

The rock slope just outside is in clear sympathy with the concrete cant  inside—nature right alongside architecture.

seaside New Zealand house outdoor

No better way to test paint colors than to simply apply them.

seaside New Zealand house view


seaside New Zealand house view 2


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