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A Charming Scandinavian Cottage Home You’ll Love

The ultimate description to describe something Scandinavian is it is traditionally minimalistic and sleekly masculine. The essence of having Scandinavian is to have a spacious interior layout to permit the natural lighting and airy surroundings of the outdoors. Moreover, a Scandinavian cottage adheres to the tradition and culture of the Scandinavian community to have a lighter mood and visually simple elegance.

This home completely fulfills the spirit of a Scandinavian cottage. Through its loungy tones from the cushions to the wall painting and flooring colors. On the other hand, this traditional Scandinavian cottage uses wood as the dominant building material. Which are clearly visible making the whole place relevantly looking neutral, earthy, and natural. This give balance to perception of the coldness and freezing temperatures and sights outside the cottage.

Images: SkandiaMäklarna

Scandinavian Cottage Style Interior

With more windows, the cottage permits light into the interior. It give effect for a warm and humid environment through adding a bulky diffusing effect through the curtains. Thus, the furniture has a bulky cushion adding a full volume to the interiors. The home decor is also more on wooden and dark-colored accents. Most of the cover-ups you see are fabrics in heavy textures. The idea of selecting these curtains and furniture covers exude a more homey and calm feeling. Another thing that makes it a traditional Scandinavian cottage is its semi- shabby chic decorating style. This interior design style is so many people’s favorite style. Because of its eccentric and transitional glamor that does not strongly categorize social or personal status. It is a beautiful and vigorously relaxing blend of classy elements by combining little bohemian categories with cabin-like charms attaining a wondrously well-ornamented clutter.

The most relevant approach of the interiors are carried by the allure of antique worn-out furniture and items finishing onto distressed but tidy finishes and surfaces. The outcome comes up with gleaming accentuations and dreamy ambiguities. Furthermore, there are only few pieces and several artisan that are used to decorate with small objects that which are aesthetically and distinctively unique. Surprisingly, with only few decorations and accents, the whole place has practical minimalism style.

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