Calm Seaside Life Ensconced in a Breathtakingly Beautiful Beachfront Home

Beautiful Beachfront Home

A seaside location, plenty of space and a great design are ingredients that would easily conspire to give you a great, dream house. This premise rings very true in the case of this South African beachside home in Cape West Coast.

While the surrounding is great, the interiors are just as splendid. Indeed, the home’s interiors have a natural feel that incorporates
the richness of the environment. The home’s all-white painted surfaces add a glam of openness while the bi-folding shutter doors that open to the decks that beautifully skirt the house create a feeling of a roomier and more opulent living space.

This beauty seems even more apparent because of the contrasting colors of the interior furnishings. The design also makes the most of the characteristic diversity that timber lends to any interior décor project. The crisp palettes as such, are interspersed by several textures of timber that range from well-worn, weathered and handcrafted designs to honed and finely-finished finishes.

Timber, however, contributes only a portion of the décor and interior beauty. The comfy interiors also benefit from the simplicity of the
rattan furnishings as well as grass-woven crafts. These two bring some warmth into homely living spaces.

The fireplace in the living room partially overlooks entry but with a design that sends all its warmth to the main segment of the living
room. This design seems deliberately intended to enhance the homely nature of the living room with the structure of the fireplace contributing to the structural integrity of the house.

The highlight of the home, however, is the kitchen. It’s comprehensive, open plan brings together the cooking area, an elaborate yet
simply beautiful dining area and an entertaining area that all spill into the skirting deck, in keeping with the overall design.

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Every aspect of the interior décor of this clapboard-clad timber-made home speaks of a calm and carefree life by the sea shores.


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