Easy Nightstand Decor Ideas and Tips

Welcome to the world of nightstand decor, where we turn that little table by your bed from “meh” to “wow”! Let’s make your nightstand not just a spot to dump stuff but a cool corner that shows off your style.

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Picking Your Nightstand


Image: Martha Stewart

If your nightstand looks old and tired, maybe it’s time for a new one. Find a nightstand that fits what you like and can hold your important bedtime stuff. Make sure it’s not too tall or too short – you don’t want to climb a mountain for your midnight drink!

Dressing It Up


Image: Ashley Whittaker Design 

Now, let’s add some fun stuff to your nightstand:

  • Light It Right: A nice lamp is key. It’s useful and makes your nightstand look great.
  • Make It Yours: Put a photo or a little piece of art there. It’s your spot, so show off what you love.
  • Add Some Green: A small plant or a vase with fresh flowers can make your nightstand look fresh and lively.
  • Book Spot: Keep a book or two for bedtime reading. It makes your nightstand look cozy.

Keeping It Tidy



We all know nightstands can get messy. Here are some tricks to keep it neat:

  • Use Trays or Bowls: Perfect for small things like chapstick or hair ties.
  • Drawer Organizers: If your nightstand has drawers, use organizers to keep things in place.

Seasonal Changes


Image: pure joy home

Like your clothes, your nightstand can change with the seasons. Use a lighter lamp in summer or a warm candle in winter. It’s a fun way to keep things fresh.

Adding Unique Stuff



Want to make your nightstand unique? Try these:

  • Vintage Art: Find something funny or different to make people smile.
  • Vintage Alarm Clock: Get an alarm clock that’s a bit out there, like vintage silver.
  • Theme Items: Love something a lot? Add a small item that shows it off.

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Making your nightstand decor special is all about adding bits that make you happy and keeping it tidy. With some creativity, your nightstand can be a fun part of your room that makes you smile every time you look at it. Happy decorating!

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