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40 Awesome Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

blue white Kitchen Backsplash Idea

If you spend the majority of your free time cooking and just basically hanging out in kitchen, you are surely always focusing on how you can make your kitchen better. When it comes to popularity it is hard to say which material is more popular than the other because everyone’s kitchen design, choice and layout is different.

glass Kitchen Backsplash IdeaGlass has become popular because it is easy to clean but if on the other side granite is also very popular because of it’s indestructible nature. Glass tile back-splash is popular because of its extremely versatile availability and of course being easy to clean. Glass can made in to any color you want and also glass can be shaped into anything, so the options are limitless. Ceramic tile back splash is known for their unique look, style and durability. These tiles transform a dull kitchen into themes and ceramic back-splash is a attractive and inexpensive method to protect your walls and creates easy the cleaning process.
steel Kitchen Backsplash IdeaStainless steel can be a good option for you, if you want contemporary feel for your kitchen. Basically, it is a cut of stainless sheet mounted on the back wall.

granite Kitchen Backsplash Idea

Granite tile is highly popular because of it’s strong durability. These tiles are stain resistant due to its non porous nature. Granite tiles are stunning and truly unique back splash for kitchen walls. Stone tile is almost same to granite in strength. These tiles are available in marble, limestone and rock.

glitter wallpaper Kitchen Backsplash IdeaAn easy option for any homeowner with a desire to change this area of kitchen is to use paint or wallpaper. Of course, the options for colors are endless but one thing you will have to consider and remember is to use washable paint or wallpaper. You need to be clean this area regularly due to the nearness to the stove, will collect grease. Man made splash backs can be very durable. These splash backs can be very easy to clean and very easy to have fitted. The only downfall is that they can be expensive to buy.
photo print Kitchen Backsplash IdeaPhoto Print

Via jetsetter

custom made Kitchen Backsplash Idea

CustomMade by Diana Kersey “India Flower”. Created as one large slab of clay, cut into puzzle-like sections, kiln fired, and installed using modern tile installation and grouting techniques.

Via custom made

blue bold Kitchen Backsplash Idea

Blue kitchen with bold splashback Mixing small-scale patterns from the same palette is a clever device for enhancing a white kitchen scheme without being too dominating.

Via housetohome

tiles look like wood backsplashTile that looks like wood is a great backsplash material as it is easy to clean and look very warm and cozy.

colorful corian Kitchen Backsplash Idea

Create inspired Corian kitchen worktops that flow smoothly into Corian sinks and backsplashes to bring imagination and practicality to your scheme.

aquarium kitchen backsplash


bottle caps Kitchen Backsplash Idea

Bottle caps

brick wall Kitchen Backsplash Idea

Brick wall

chalkboard Kitchen Backsplash Idea


cobblestone Kitchen Backsplash Idea


concrete Kitchen Backsplash Idea


corian and stone Kitchen Backsplash Idea

Combination of corian and stone

digital image Kitchen Backsplash Idea

Digital image

display-wine-on-kitchen-backsplashDisplay wine on kitchen backsplash

fornasseti Kitchen Backsplash IdeaFornasetti

geometric Kitchen Backsplash IdeaGeometric

led Kitchen Backsplash IdeaLED

map Kitchen Backsplash IdeaMap

marble Kitchen Backsplash IdeaMarble

mediterranean Kitchen Backsplash IdeaMediterranean

mirror mosaic Kitchen Backsplash IdeaMirror mosaic

painting Kitchen Backsplash IdeaCostum made painted

red Kitchen Backsplash IdeaRed

retro cottage Kitchen Backsplash IdeaRetro cottage

shiny silver Kitchen Backsplash IdeaShiny silver

stripes Kitchen Backsplash IdeaStripes

stone Kitchen Backsplash IdeaStone

street signs Kitchen Backsplash IdeaStreet signs

traditional fabric behind glass Kitchen Backsplash IdeaBohemian Apartment Kitchen with Fabric Backsplash. The fabric was laminated behind glass.

union ethnic Kitchen Backsplash IdeaEthnic

window Kitchen Backsplash IdeaWindow

wood Kitchen Backsplash IdeaWood

Antique French Fireback as Stove SplashAntique French Fireback as Stove Splash

Patchwork kitchen backsplashPatchwork

If you have kitchen back splash ideas of your own, you should explore the various back splash options available today. Important points to keep in mind here are that you should never install a kitchen back splash tile that does not match the counter tops. Doing so will result in an undesired look.


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    ted dardzinski

    Hello! On the page 40 backsplash ideas, In the picture with the wolf stove with red knobs, there is a gorgeous red and black backsplash with triangles. Can you please tell me where i can find/purchase that backsplash? Thank you!! Tammy

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    Melina Divani

    Hi Ted,
    These glass tiles are from Artistic Tile.

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    Hi Melina, I love your post, we have a backsplash designer tool. Please check http://backsplash.com/designer/

    If you want we can give you premium access for this tool for free, so you can place it under this post, that way your user can able to design design backsplash. Let me know.

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    Clever Mosaics

    maybe you can try peel and stick tiles for kitchen backsplash, just peel and stick, fast diy decor the kitchen backsplash by yourself in a short time with a little cost

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