40 Stylish Small Bathroom Design Ideas

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Once you have decided to remodel a small bathroom, I recommend that you do several things that will help in making your small bathroom seem much larger. By following few straightforward remodeling tips, you can bestow the feeling of bigger space in your bathroom, and you can also add design elements that can add more value to your house. There aren’t many complicated appliances and fixtures that get installed into a small bathroom, so an opportunity to craft a beautiful bathroom with only a few transformations is available.


You can actually use a variety of color combinations so as to help you create the illusion of size and depth in bathroom. The lighter earth tones such as an off-white and beige creates a feeling of open space. We recommend that you paint the ceiling slightly lighter than the walls so as to help make the bathroom feel as if the ceiling is much farther away. Once you have done this, when natural light such as sunlight hits the lighter colors, the eyes may try to see past your lighter colors as if you are standing outside. This kind of optical illusion makes the room seem much larger once you step into it. The optical illusion also works very well to an extent with the artificial light. Finally, instead of using pattern use solid colors for the floor. The pattern makes a small bathroom seem and feel even much smaller.

Fixture Size

Use bathroom fixtures of an appropriate scale of your small bathroom. Avoid the temptation of using a double wide sink and vanity. Try using the pedestal sink or even a standard vanity to preserve space. You can maximize the storage space with wall cabinets that can be placed over your toilet or anywhere that you may see an extra wall space. Don’t overdo it, but install enough cabinets for your needs. The wall cabinets don’t take up the floor space so they help to enhance a feeling of an open space in the small bathroom.


Despite the fact that there is sufficient natural light that comes into the small bathroom throughout the day, we suggest that you install adequate light that can brightly light up your entire bathroom. This usually eliminates any shadow that may be created especially by the door, and also prevents the shadows from appearing in the corners or along the back of your shower, which makes the room appear smaller. Use the fluorescent light for it offers a softer as well as a more even light. Make an effort of installing a huge mirror inside the bathroom so as to reflect the light and also make it seem bigger.

Glass Shower Door

The glass shower door is one opportunity of increasing the way your bathroom appears. A clear shower door gives the appearance of a larger room. A shower door or curtain that doesn’t allow your eyes to see the other side of it breaks up the bathroom and makes it look very small and feel closed in. Sliding shower door versus shower door that requires clearance upon opening increases the appearance of your small bathroom.

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black white small bathroom design idea


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  1. I was wondering what color is used in that white, grey/blue bathroom, that is the color I am looking for to re do my small bathroom?

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