What Are the Pros and Cons of a Reclaimed Brick Kitchen Backsplash?

A Brick Kitchen Backsplash is essential to protect your walls from liquid or water splattering during washing, cooking, or watering. Besides protecting your walls or building, the backsplash also adds more color, character, and texture to enhance your kitchen styles and personalization.

We’ve got numerous materials you can use for your backsplash, but bricks offer the best alternatives. Reclaimed brick backsplash offers the best choice to protect your walls while adding more personalization and styles. Despite the numerous benefits, these materials also come with some cons. This article outlines the top pros and cons of using a reclaimed brick backsplash.

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Pros of a Reclaimed Brick Backsplash

Reclaimed bricks are the best alternative for your interior backsplash needs due to their numerous benefits. Below are the advantages of a reclaimed brick backsplash:

1. Durable


Reclaimed bricks are very strong and durable. This material makes your brick backsplash kitchen durable, as they can take a lot of tears and wear. You don’t have to worry of damaging from the contacts or other environmental factors. These backsplashes can last for numerous years without frequent replacements or repairs.

2. Environmentally friendly



Reclaimed brick offers the best environmentally friendly material for your kitchen or farmhouse kitchen backsplash. These materials come with little to zero carbon emission during manufacturing and construction. Thus, you can use these materials for your construction or remodeling without having any environmental impacts.

3. Adds character

Kitchen with light blue cabinets Black Hardware and Antique White Brick Backsplash

Image: LiB contents

Having reclaimed materials on your projects is the best way to enhance their character and individuality. The reclaimed brick backsplash helps you create a unique and attractive finish for your project, as you can achieve more patterns, like basketweave, herringbone, etc., using them. Experts reveal that reclaimed bricks offer the best materials to create an eye-catching and attractive finish for your interior space.

4. Cost-effective alternatives


Image: DIY brick backsplash

Reclaimed bricks offer the best affordable alternatives for your kitchen backslash construction. You can easily acquire these materials at a lower price than the other alternatives. Additionally, farmhouse kitchen brick backsplash also comes with a less-costly and straightforward installation or construction.

Cons of Reclaimed Brick backsplash


Despite the numerous benefits of using these materials, the reclaimed brick backsplash has various drawbacks. Below are the main cons of a reclaimed brick backsplash:

1. Vulnerable to stains

green modern Farmhouse Kitchen with Rustic White Brick Backsplash and a Shelving System

Image: lisa furey interiors 

Green Modern Farmhouse Kitchen with Rustic White Brick Backsplash, open shelves and Honey Wood Flooring 

Reclaimed bricks offer a durable alternative for kitchen backsplash, but they become vulnerable to stains if you leave the materials untreated. The stains result from the liquid splashing onto it, crumbling over time.

2. Difficult to clean

Industrial Kitchen Design With White Brick Backsplash White Kitchen Cabinets and retro black and white flooring tile

Image: Houzz

Reclaimed brick backsplash kitchens are usually hard to clean. The materials have numerous crannies and nooks, making cleaning a big deal. It would help if you had additional equipment and detergent to clean these surfaces effectively.

3. Produces efflorescence

Most reclaimed brick backsplash materials produce efflorescence. Efflorescence is a chalky powder resulting from mineral deposits that migrate to the brick-wall surfaces. These substances cause your wall to look ugly and unattractive. Therefore, you might spend more resources to get rid of the substances from the walls.


Images: Alvhem


Reclaimed bricks are the best alternative materials for your kitchen or farmhouse kitchen backsplash. Brick backsplash kitchen comes with numerous benefits and drawbacks you need to consider before considering them for your remodeling or construction process. Check the cons and disadvantages and research the best ways to overcome the cons to get your desired results.

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